Tropicfeel Canyon Review: Is It Really The Ultimate Travel Shoe?

What is the ultimate travel shoe really like? We packed two pairs of Tropicfeel's Canyon shoes into our packs and headed to Mexico to find out.

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Tropicfeel's Canyon shoes have been lauded as the "ultimate travel shoe", so we were extremely excited to finally get our hands on them.

Two big reasons we were thrilled to be trialing this shoe were, of course, its numerous travel-friendly features, but also the fact this shoe is 100% vegan.

To properly test the Tropicfeel Canyon shoe as the "ultimate travel shoe" we wore the shoes non-stop in a number of testing conditions to see how they held up.


tropicfeel canyon shoes comfort and style

Pros & Cons of Tropicfeel Canyon



Fast drying

Breathable (no smell)

Easy slip-on




Better suited to warm climates

Sizes run a bit big

Not ideal for formal-wear



tropicfeel canyon travel shoes


You can't call yourself the ultimate travel shoe without some outstanding features.

And for the most part, we were really impressed with the features and how the shoe performed in all conditions.



  • Drainage holes
  • Quick dry
  • Slip-resistant
  • Odorless breathable design

Probably the most exciting feature of the Canyon shoe is its water-friendly ability.

Initially, I was hesitant at the thought of wearing shoes on the beach, especially once they're wet. However, the sneakers really were excellent in and out of the water, and provided good grip against slippery rock surfaces.

The drainage holes work really well too. Even stepping ankle deep in water, the shoes drain within 10 seconds, so it doesn't feel like you're walking on jelly.

Lastly, despite our shoes being constantly wet from beaches, Mexico's wet season, and yes, sweat, the shoes never smelt bad or held any bad odor.

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Easy slip-on

  • No-tie shoelaces
  • No socks needed

The Canyon's slip-on design is probably my favorite feature as it bypasses the need to constantly tie laces.

This was especially handy when beach-hopping and would be a good feature in Asia where shoes are removed before entering many homes and establishments.

Another appealing aspect of the Canyon is you don't need to wear socks with them. While Ashley chose to wear socks with hers, I never have, and so far we haven't noticed any differences between wearing or not wearing socks with the shoes.



The Canyon sneakers are marketed as "all-terrain" due to their adaptability to wet conditions, hiking trails, and day-to-day use.

In fact, Tropicfeel is adamant that this shoe is so versatile that it's the only shoe you'll need to pack for your travels - and for the most part, they're right.

The travel shoe definitely has all your outdoor and adventurous activities covered.

However, if you're someone who likes to dress up on your travels, you might need to pack something a little fancier for those nights.

Appearance & Comfort 

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The Look

When it comes to aesthetics, the Canyon is a simple, but an attractive model.

The shoes come in 5 different colors, however, we opted for the Core Black, as they're our only shoes on the trip and blend better with all outfits. Shoes also come with a spare set of colored laces, which gives you an option to spice its appearance up if you're feeling it.

To change the shoelaces, you simply untie the knot feature and tie like normal shoelaces.

And that brings us to the laces.

The no-tie laces are a great feature, however, they dangle outwards, which is definitely odd-looking at first.

I thought it was going to bother me more, but after a day of wearing the shoes, I was unphased by it, more focused on the fact I'd gone all day without tying laces.

tropicfeel canyon travel shoes

The Feel

The Canyon shoes are comfortable, but it can take a day or two to break-in properly.

We also felt the sizes for both the men's and women's shoes ran a bit big.

Typically our shoe sizes are 8 and 11, however, both shoes felt about half a size larger than what we were used to.

Apart from that, the shoes have been very comfortable for casual and adventurous use.

Durability & Wear & Tear

After one month of actively traveling in Tropicfeel's Canyon shoes, we noticed minimal wear and tear overall.

As we're wearing the Core Black color, the shoe does pick up small white smudges, but they are easily removed with water.

A small bit of stitching on the back of one shoe has slightly come undone, but it's barely noticeable.

Overall, the sneakers have kept very well considering the amount of use and conditions they have been subjected to.


Ensuring a product is ethical is one of the biggest factors of us when making purchases.

The Canyon is a 100% vegan shoe and does not use materials tested on animals.

Tropicfeel also uses 6 recycled plastic bottles for every pair of shoes they create.

So, if you're seeking a cruelty-free and sustainable travel shoe, the Canyon ticks all the boxes.


After one month of traveling in the "ultimate travel shoe", we both agree the Canyon exceeded our expectations.

We used the shoes for casual walks, runs, beach-hopping and hiking in Mexico Yucatan Penisula and the shoes definitely were up to any challenge.

So, is the Canyon the ultimate travel shoe? If it's not, it's pretty close!


Check the availability and pricing of Tropicfeel's Canyon shoes.

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