The Best Vegan Food in Valladolid, Mexico

best vegan restaurants in valladolid

On our recent visit to Valladolid, we were able to explore the city's vegan scene and were pleasantly surprised.


The colorful colonial city of Valladolid, Mexico is known more for its heritage and architecture than vegan food, which is why we were excited to stumble across some tasty vegan restaurants.

Valladolid is a popular stop for tourists visiting the iconic Chichen Itza due to its close proximity.

valladolid for vegans

We stayed a couple of nights in Valladolid to get a better feel for the place, explore its vegan haunts, and get away from the bustle of the Yucatan coasts.

Whether you're staying two nights or two hours, Valladolid has enough vegan food to ensure you stay full.


How to get to Valladolid

valladolid streets

Valladolid is located in the Yucatan Penisula between Tulum and Merida.

The best way to get there is by bus. ADO bus is the cheapest option and there are multiple buses leaving each day. Buses leave from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Merida, so all you need to do is find your closest ADO bus terminal and book a ticket.

Valladolid is small and safe. The bus terminal is centrally located, so should be walkable to most downtown hotels.


Where to stay in Valladolid

There is a Mexican feel in the city which feels lost in many spots in the Yucatan. For this reason, we recommend staying more than one night in Valladolid.

We stayed in the Margaret Modern Hotel which is centrally located and close to local vegan eats. We recommend staying close to the Parque Principal Francisco Cantón Rosado, which is the square in the center of town. Everything is located close to this area of Valladolid.

We recommend visiting on your own schedule and spending at least two days in this beautiful colonial city.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Valladolid

There are a couple of 100% vegan restaurants in Valladolid, which was a nice surprise. However, the small city isn't the most vegan-friendly and it can be difficult to find variety on longer stays.


La Yaqueria: Signature Vegan Eatery

Address: Calle 39 #189 d. Entre 36 y 38, Centro, 97780 Valladolid

vegan yaca burger in valladolid

Our favorite vegan restaurant in Valladolid was also the newest.

La Yaqueria opened in April 2021 and serves up 100% vegan food, including incredible vegan burgers. The Yaca (Jackfruit) burger (with potato-based vegan cheese) was the best burger I'd had in a while.

The small vegan restaurant is a 5-minute walk from the central square. If you only have time to visit one vegan restaurant in Valladolid, make it this one.

The owner and staff were super friendly and if we'd had more time we'd have definitely gone back for seconds.

View the Menu here.

Le Kaat: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: Calle, Calz. de Los Frailes 210-41 A NRO, Sisal, 97780 Valladolid

vegan pizza in valladolid mexico

Le Kaat is a vegan-vegetarian restaurant in Valladolid that has a lot of tasty vegan options.

If you're familiar with Tulum's vegan restaurants, you might notice the menu is exactly the same as La Hoja Verde. This is because the two restaurants are owned by the same company.

As we've spent many hours eating at La Hoja, we were a little disappointed to see the same menu here. Nevertheless, the food was high quality, as always.

Casa Maca Vegan Concept

Address: Calle 37 #199D entre la 42 y 44, Centro, 97780 Valladolid

vegan smoothie bowl valladolid

Another fully vegan restaurant in Valladolid, which is also the most aesthetically pleasing.

The hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves up various plant-based meals among craved rock walls and rope swings.

We stopped here for breakfast and were slightly underwhelmed by the quality of their "too cold to consume" smoothie bowl and by the portion size of the chickpea "tuna" which was served a single piece of bread.

As one of the only fully vegan restaurants in Valladolid, we're giving Casa Maca the benefit of the doubt, and would give them a second chance upon our next visit.


Yerbabuena del Sisal

Address: Calle 54a 217, Sisal, 97780 Valladolid

cauliflower tacos in valladolid

You'll find a lot of vegan options at Yerbabuena del Sisal, a progressive restaurant a short distance away from Valladolid's center.

We ordered cauliflower tacos and vegan lasagne was were reasonably happy with the food.

While the majority of meals are vegetarian, there are also vegan and meat options.

View the menu here.

Other Vegan Restaurants in Valladolid

With just a couple of nights in Valladolid, we weren't able to visit everywhere. But these restaurants are also worth checking out if you're seeking more vegan options in Valladolid.

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