A Vegan Christmas: The Best Vegan Gifts These Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about gifts.

Whether you're a new or long-time vegan, you can rest assured you're likely to be on Santa's nice list.

So here is a list of the best vegan gifts of 2020 to keep you, your friends or family enjoying the most ethical Christmas yet!

Online Vegan Cooking Class Gift Card

online vegan cooking classes

Veecoco offers 100% vegan cooking classes with 400+ cooking courses.

They offer a wide range of Gift Cards from a one-month to a 12-month subscription making it an ideal gift this Christmas.

Some of the courses include:

  • Pastry cooking
  • International (Italian, Thai, Japanese and more)
  • Raw food
  • Vegan cheese making
  • Vegan desserts
  • Health food cooking

View Veecoco's vegan cooking gift cards here.

Fran Costigan's Essential Vegan Dessert Course

how to cook vegan desserts

If you're purchasing for someone with a sweet tooth, this vegan dessert course is perfect.

The structured 90-day course is designed to take dessert-loving vegans to the next level.

Included in the course is:

  • More than 200 tasks & delicious 90 recipes
  • More than 50 follow-along instructional videos
  • Your own personal instructor for support and grading
  • Graduate certificate upon completing the course

View more about the Essential Vegan Desserts here.

Vegan Snack Boxes


vegan snack boxes

Vegancuts sends out monthly snack boxes containing some of the most exciting (and hard to get hold of) vegan treats.

What's great about Vegancuts is it's ideal for new or long-time vegans who are looking get excited about snacks again.

Vegancuts' snack boxes are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Vegancuts snack boxes are:

  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
  • Contain 10+ quality items
  • Have easy to manage & flexible subscriptions
  • Offering free US shipping

View Vegancuts snack boxes here & use the coupon code "NEWVCSBSAVE20" for 20% off your first box.

*Vegancuts also offers beauty & makeup boxes. Head to the beauty section of this article to find out more.

A big gift box of vegan snacks

veganlybox snack box

Vegans love snacking just as much as anyone - especially during the holidays.

VeganlyBox specializes in delivering huge vegan gift boxes including delicious snacks like:

  • Vegan cookies
  • Candy
  • Cotton candy
  • Vegan jerky
  • Chips

Your money also goes towards supporting animal sanctuaries.

Is there any truer way to show you love someone?

To view exactly what goes into VeganlyBox's gift boxes here.

Vegan Recipe & Inspirational Books

The Vegan Starter Kit

This New York Times bestseller is an ideal gift for someone who has recently gone vegan.

The in-depth book walks the reader step-by-step on how to adopt a vegan lifestyle answering questions like:

  • How do I plan a vegan diet?
  • What if I don't cook?
  • Is protein an issue?

The Vegan Starter Kit will also coach the reader on pregnancy, healthy eating in childhood, and other stages of life. It also comes with a complete set of basic meals, holiday eats, snacks, and a lot more.

The Vegan Starter Kit is available on Amazon here.

How Not To Die

This highly acclaimed book by Dr Gregor uses scientific evidence to show how a plant-based diet can, not only prevent disease but can reverse them too.

This New York Times bestselling book is a game-changer when it comes to going plant-based for improved health.

How Not To Die is available for purchase on Amazon here.

The Vegan Cookbook for Athletes

Tired of hearing "But what about protein, bro?"

All protein originally comes from plants and this cookbook is the ultimate way to create nutritious, healthy, and protein-packed meals to support a vegan athlete's lifestyle.

The book contains:

  • 101 plant-based recipes made for athletes
  • Recipes for a variety of athletic needs
  • Macros guides
  • On-the-go meals
  • In-depth meal plans

The Vegan Cookbook for Athletes is available on Amazon here.

Vegan For Everybody

Whether you want to buy a cookbook for a raw vegan or "dirty" vegan, this vegan recipe book has it all.

No matter what type of vegan food you enjoy, Vegan For Everybody has it covered. Including:

  • 200+ breakfast, lunch, dinner & in-between recipes
  • Recipes to impress non-vegans

This is a vegan cookbook that really is for everybody!

Vegan For Everybody is available on Amazon here.

Cruelty-Free Makeup & Beauty Products

Vegancuts beauty and makeup boxes

cruelty-free vegan makeup boxes

Vegancuts, which started out as a snack box subscription company has evolved into providing cruelty-free beauty and makeup boxes and they don't disappoint.

In the beauty boxes you'll get:

  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free products
  • 4+ deluxe full-size items
  • More than $50 value in each box
  • Free US shipping

Similarly, the makeup boxes come with:

  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free products
  • 4+ full-size Items each quarter
  • Color Customization for Featured Products
  • Free US shipping

Each purchase also supports an animal sanctuary.

View Vegancuts Beauty and Makeup boxes here.

Special offers:

For beauty boxes use the coupon code "NEWVCBBSAVE20" to get a 20% discount on the first box.

For makeup boxes use the coupon code "NEWVCMBSAVE20" to get a 20% discount on the first box.


Cruelty-Free Fashion, Leather & Clothing

Faux leather handbags & wallets

Veganism isn't just about not eating animals. It's also about not using their skin for clothing or accessories.

But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on wearing leather.

Vegan companies like Doshi have created some of the highest quality faux leather products available for both men and women.

At Doshi you can purchase:

  • Handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Briefcases
  • Facemasks

Or if you can't decide, they also offer Gift Cards.

See all of Doshi's vegan range here.


Luxury Cruelty-Free Purses

vegan purses online

Svala is a luxury vegan brand specializing in vegan purses and handbags for women.

Their unique designs include products made from:

  • Pinatex
  • Cork
  • Italian vegan leather

View more of Svala's luxury vegan products here.

Vegan Supplements, Powders & Vitamins

Vegan Supplement & Multi-Purpose Vitamins

b12 spray online

Let's make an assumption that most vegans are somewhat health-conscious.

So, what better than a gift to work towards better health?

We all know vegans should be supplementing vitamin B12, however, there's a wide range of supplements that would make an ideal gift for health-focused vegans.

Future Kind is a 100% cruelty-free company that provide vitamins (and sprays) based on individual needs, such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Hair and skin
  • Mood
  • Immunity
  • Mood

And it makes a great stocking filler too!

You can learn more about Future Kind's supplements here.

Plant-based Protein Powder

Looking for a vegan gift for a gym junkie? This plant-based protein pulls its weight.

The 1.5 lbs plant protein is a great gift idea for anyone looking to pack on some muscle in the new year.

You can purchase Optimum Nutrition's protein power on Amazon here.

Greens in Gummies

8Greens Gummies are Back in Stock.

8Greens have created gummies which contain all your essential green veggies in tasty chewable gummies.

This is a nice alternative for vegans or anyone who doesn't enjoy swallowing pills.

8Greens gummies are:

  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Health-promoting
  • Rich in 8 different green veggies
  • Tasty

Learn more about 8Greens Gummies here.

Other Vegan & Cruelty-Free Gift Ideas

A vegan starter kit bundle

vegan starter kit

This is the perfect gift for a friend or relative who has recently gone vegan or is thinking about it.

Nutriciously's vegan starter kit has everything you'll need to jump headfirst into veganism.

Their starter kit contains:

  • 40+ vegan recipes
  • 200+ page vegan guide
  • 14-day meal plan
  • Restaurant guides
  • Cheatsheets

Learn more about Nutriciously's vegan starter kit here.

Vegan lip balm

beewax free vegan lip balm

Lip balm contains beeswax making it essentially a non-vegan product.

However, the team at EcoLips has created a lip balm free of beeswax.

This little gift is a perfect vegan stocking filler.

View EcoLips' products on Amazon here.

Popcorn Maker



The best things about popcorn are its low calorie, delicious, and vegan.

A simple gift that will please any vegan, especially movie lovers.

You can view popcorn makers on Amazon here.

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