Master TEFL: How to Become the Most Hireable ESL Teacher

It's a testing time for ESL teachers.

Since COVID, competition for online ESL jobs spiked, some companies lowered hourly pay, and there is a growing sense of uncertainty shrouding the industry.

However, hope is not lost. This is a prime opportunity to upskill and climb to the top of the ESL pecking order.

In other posts, I've talked about the importance of becoming a specialty ESL teacher. Whether that's specializing in IELTS or Business English teaching.

However, if you're committed to becoming the most hireable ESL teacher, a Master TEFL course will distinguish you at the very top of the teacher's food chain.

This guide will walk you through becoming a Master TEFL teacher and whether that path is for you.


Why upskill now?

The COVID global pandemic has shifted more people than ever to working online.

There is more competition for online ESL jobs and companies are flooded with applications.

The good news is there are also more English learners than ever online and ESL companies are still hiring teachers. You can view a list of ESL companies hiring online teachers here.

By upskilling, you're separating yourself from a flooded market and are far more likely to get hired over other applicants.

Upskilling is particularly useful for those who do not have a degree, as it shows a higher-level education comparable to a degree.

For example, OfQual states completing a 300-hour hybrid Master TEFL certificate is at the same level and difficulty as completing a diploma of higher education (DipHE), a foundation degree, or 2 years at university and the CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.

And it's a lot cheaper than getting a degree.


What is a Master TEFL course?

A Master TEFL course is often an advanced TEFL course covering all aspects of ESL teaching, including specialty fields and class practice.

A Master TEFL course goes beyond standard TEFL certificates and specialty courses.

When you complete a Master TEFL course you become a specialist in all areas of ESL teaching and gain interviewing and teaching practice.

You can bypass a lot of time-consuming aspects of ESL teaching like gaining experience with a low-paying company like Cambly and jumping straight into a high-paying job.

Some Master TEFL courses also provide job assistance, ensuring you get a full-time ESL job upon graduation.


What is the best master TEFL course online?

Each Master TEFL course is unique and will vary on the qualifications you will receive at the end.

I personally recommend the 300 Hour Hybrid Master TEFL Course offered by Premier TEFL. Not only is Premier TEFL one of the most highly accredited TEFL course providers, but their Master course is also a hybrid that covers all areas of English teaching.


What is included in the course?

What I love about this course is it delves deep into specialty fields of ESL, but also offers real teaching practice online.

On top of the core course units and modules you also get:

  • IELTS & TOEIC exam preparation
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching young learners
  • 10 hours of virtual Teaching Practice
  • Lesson planning eBook
  • 70+ page Grammar eBook
  • 10 packs of teaching online lessons
  • Job-hunting assistance
  • Flexible study schedule

I advise everyone to do thorough research when choosing an online TEFL course to ensure it aligns with their needs. However, I believe you can't go wrong with this course.

Who should take a Master TEFL course?

A Master TEFL course is useful for a wide range of ESL teachers. However, in my personal opinion, these groups benefit the most from obtaining a Master TEFL certificate:

  • Those who do not have a degree, but want to secure higher-paid work
  • New teachers who want to dive head-first into ESL teaching
  • ESL teachers looking to upskill to specialty teaching

No matter what your goals are, a Master TEFL course will enhance your CV, confidence, and skills, and will likely set the foundation for a successful ESL career.


Is becoming Master TEFL certified worth it?

This entirely depends on the individual and that you plan to do once you're qualified.

In my experience, an ESL teacher often builds on their qualifications slowly. For example, they obtain a TEFL certificate, then add on specialty courses when they realize the demand is in specialty teaching.

By completing a Master TEFL certificate you can become fully qualified in one go.

It will also minimize a lot of the strain on applying for ESL jobs, as your qualifications will stand out from other applicants.

Overall, I don't recommend this course to non-committed ESL teachers who plan to work part-time in a lower-paid ESL job.

However, if you want to make ESL teaching your career and excel - then I highly recommend completing a Master TEFL course.

How to get started on a Master TEFL course?

Simply head over to Premier TEFL's Master TEFL page and start your journey to the top.

The great thing about online learning is it's very flexible and you can take it at your own pace.

And it's that easy.

Good luck, and happy teaching!

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