10 reasons why TEFL teachers should get IELTS certified

Like many ESL teachers, when I started teaching English online, I struggled to find a high-paying position.

I had a degree and a TEFL certificate, but something was missing - I didn't specialize in anything.

That's when I took an online IELTS course and I noticed a difference immediately.

I updated my existing teaching platforms like SkimaTalk, Preply, and Cambly with "IELTS Specialist" and started to receive more student requests than I ever had.

I also got hired by ESL companies who mentioned they were drawn to my application due to my IELTS experience.

IELTS opened up a lot of opportunities for me as an ESL teacher and I'm here to share them with you.

Becoming an IELTS Specialist is just one way to stand out as an ESL teacher. Find a detailed list of techniques and practices to get hired teaching English in this article I wrote.



Many people compare IELTS to TEFL. However, the two English teaching certificates are not mutually exclusive. To put it simply, having an IELTS does not mean you shouldn't get a TEFL and vice versa.

In my experience, holding both a TEFL and IELTS is a powerful combination to get hired and find students.

TEFL is a foundation and IELTS is the building block to separate you from the crowd.

1. More job opportunities & higher pay

The most obvious reason to get IELTS certified is, of course, to get more work - and it really does help.

An IELTS certificate separates you from other applicants or teachers on your platform.

You start to receive niche requests as you're now a specialist in an area of ESL.

Also, importantly, students will pay more for specialist teachers, so you'll make more money too!

2. Most affordable ESL certification

IELTS is one of the most affordable teaching certificates on the market.

You'll find online IELTS courses far cheaper than TEFL certificates.

Premier TEFL offers an affordable - usually discounted - course. Check the price of their IELTS course here.

3. Learn to teach exam-focused classes

Exam-focused classes differ from other ESL classes.

And once you develop those new teaching skills, you'll find they creep into your general ESL lessons too!


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4. Students actively search IELTS

If you teach on an ESL platform like Preply you'll get a steady stream of new students seeking IELTS prep.

These students usually sign up in preparation for their IELTS exam and drop off the platforms soon after.

By including IELTS in your bio, you'll appear in more search results and ultimately gain new students to teach.

If you're unfamiliar with the teaching platform, Preply, you can read my full review of it here.

5. Boost for non-native English speaking teachers

It's no secret non-native English speakers generally have a harder time finding work as ESL teachers.

However, adding an IELTS certification to your qualifications will give you an extra boost when competing against those who speak English as their first language.

You could also argue you can empathize more with IELTS students as you know what it's like to prepare for English-speaking exams.

6. Structured classes

One thing I love about teaching IELTS classes is their structure is really easy and fun to follow.

I find IELTS classes seem to fly by a lot faster than general English classes, which, I think, says a lot about their structure.

Generally, I focus on either Speaking, Writing, Listening, or Reading for each class, depending on the student's needs. However, some teachers might decide to split lessons, if there's enough time.

7. Certification doesn't expire

Unlike a lot of other certifications, once you have your IELTS qualification, you'll have it forever.

And for how affordable it is, that's a pretty good investment if you ask me.


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8. Gain more confidence as a teacher

When you learn to teach IELTS, I feel you get into the head of the student and better understand their needs.

When this happens, you gain more insight into what teaching methods work and why.

Of course, each student is unique, but the structures remain the same as its an effective way to teach.

You'll find you become more confident as a teacher and what you learn taking an IELTS course, you will use in other areas of ESL teaching too.

9. You can get certified online

Getting IELTS certified is pretty easy.

Not only is it affordable, but you can take a 30-hour online IELTS course right from your laptop.

Too easy!

10. It can be extremely rewarding

Last, but definitely not least, is that teaching IELTS can be extremely rewarding.

In my experience, I have tended to bond more with my students who are studying for their IELTS exam.

It's an incredible feeling when your student scores high on their IELTS exam after months of classes and preparation. It's a feeling that some other ESL teaching can lack, but makes IELTS all the more special.

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