Best online TEFL courses to kickstart your ESL career

Choosing the right TEFL course can be a headache.

There are hundreds of TEFL providers claiming to be the best. In fact, it would take days of research and review-reading to decipher the good from the bad.

So we've done the hard work for you.

The list below contains the best and most affordable online TEFL courses. Every course is accredited and internationally recognized, so you won't have trouble getting hired as an ESL teacher.

Most of the providers also have job placement services for their students, which can help you land your first ESL job after you complete your course.

Why being TEFL certified matters

ESL teaching has become increasingly competitive. The freedom to work from home or travel is alluring to most people and ESL provides that freedom.

However, most English teaching companies require teachers to hold a TEFL certificate as a standard qualification, while degree requirements tend to vary between companies.

In my experience, competent ESL teachers who hold a TEFL certificate and have good experience can land almost any ESL job. Follow these tips to stand out to online ESL employers.

While TEFL certificates are vital to any ESL teacher, specialty courses are often overlooked. But armed with a TEFL and IELTS certificate can be a powerful tool for any English teacher.

You can read about the importance of an IELTS certificate here.

Full list of the best online TEFL courses 

Premier TEFL


premier tefl online esl courses

Premier TEFL is a trusted leader when it comes to accredited TEFL courses. Their courses range from entry-level to advanced teaching certificates. You can complete all of Premier TEFL's wide range of courses online, which makes going from an amateur to a pro easy!


TEFL Courses on offer:
Specialty ESL courses:

Learn more about Premier TEFL and view their course prices and discounts here.

The TEFL Academy

the tefl academy logo

British-based TEFL Academy offers a wide range of accredited courses online and in-person. Students are not limited to TEFL and can add-on specialties like Business English and 1-on-1 tutoring. Their services include international internships for those wishing to teach overseas too.

TEFL Courses on offer:
Specialist ESL Courses

Learn more about The TEFL Academy and view course prices and discounts here.


tefl pros online teaching courses

The TEFL Pros don't offer a lot of online TEFL courses, instead, they specialize in one high-quality accredited course which covers everything you need to become a confident and qualified ESL teacher.

TEFL course on offer:

Learn more about TEFL Pros and view current prices and discounts here.


mytefl online tefl courses

myTEFL has a TEFL course to match any need. Their various TEFL course choices are made even sweeter by their student job placement service and their policy to donate to a charity in your name upon a course purchase.

TEFL courses on offer:




Professional (recommended):

Learn more about myTEFL and view course prices and discounts here.


i-to-i tefl courses online

i-to-i are a well-established TEFL course provider who has something for everyone. Whether you want a basic entry-level teaching certificate or advanced 300 hour TEFL Diploma, i-to-i has you covered.

Level 5 Online TEFL Courses:

Level 3 Online TEFL Courses:

Learn more about i-to-i's TEFL courses and view prices and discounts here.


ical tefl teaching online courses

ICAL has more than 20,000 TEFL graduates which shows their commitment to qualifying ESL teachers all around the world. Their 120 hour TEFL course is completely online and includes a personal tutor to ensure students have all the support they need.

Online TEFL Courses:

Learn more about ICAL and view course prices and discounts here.

Let's TEFL

let's tefl teach english and travel

Let's TEFL specialize in one all-encompassing TEFL course completely online. The company assists its students in finding ESL jobs overseas, including a lifetime job placement service.

TEFL course on offer:

  • Ultimate 120 Hour TEFL Course


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