The Best ESL Equipment for English Teachers [Online & In Class]

ESL teachers often look for props and equipment to make their job easier and more fun.

Whether teaching English online or in a classroom, language-based games and equipment are essential to ensuring your students are engaged, active and most of all - enjoying their classes.

I have taught ESL both in-person in Vietnam and online with many companies including Preply and SkimaTalk. One thing I learned quickly, especially teaching younger students, is you always need a game or time-filler up your sleeve.

Essentials of online English teaching

Before you can start working as an ESL teacher you will need a laptop or computer to work from and a decent wifi connection. If you're a traveling teacher (like myself) you can find a wide range of portable hotspots like Solis Wifi, which enables you to travel most of the world with strong wifi.

Teachers using an older laptop or computer will need to ensure they have a good webcam built into their laptop or purchase a portable one online.

This article assumes you have the fundamentals and focuses on the equipment ESL teachers need to improve their lessons.

So whether you're looking for the best ESL games to keep your students entertained or technical ESL equipment, you'll find our recommendations here.

Best equipment for online ESL teachers

High Quality Headset

Best for: online teachers

A lot of ESL companies require a headset, rather than earphones. Headsets vary in price and quality, however, a noise-canceling, bluetooth headset like this headset is ideal for ESL teaching.

Teaching Light

Best for: online teachers

Online teachers often have to teach outside of their time zone and a portable laptop or smartphone light can be really helpful at night or when natural light is hard to find. I'm a big fan of the Lume Cube as it has lots of different lighting features you can adjust to your own preference.

Laptop Stand

Best for: online teachers

Long hours looking down at a laptop can be terrible for your posture and back pain. A laptop stand is highly recommended, especially as they fold down making them easy to travel with.

Photo cards

Best for: classroom & online teachers

Photo cards with basic vocabulary to help young learners learn fundamental English words.

Portable Internet Hotspot

Best for: overseas online teachers

It's always good to have backup internet, especially when overseas where wifi can be unpredictable. Don't get caught out, your job depends on quality wifi. Solis Wifi is a popular choice for digital nomads working in wifi-weak areas of the world.

101 ESL Games Book

Best for: Classroom & online teachers

A fast and easy way to fill up time in your classes with exciting and engaging ESL games with little to no prep.

Best equipment for classroom ESL teachers

Sticky balls

Best for: classroom teachers

All you need is a whiteboard and sticky balls for hours of fun learning. Young kids can throw the sticky ball at the correct answers and have fun at the same time.

Answer Buzzers

Best for: classroom teachers

A fun way to engage young English learners. Use these buzzers to conduct ESL quiz games. Children love it!

Conversational Prompt Dice

Best for: classroom teachers

Get your students to roll the dice and spark an English sentence.

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