Vegan Gift Ideas For Plant-Based Friends & Relatives

If you're unfamiliar with veganism, but need to purchase a gift for a vegan relative or friend, we've got you covered with some great vegan gift ideas.

You want to make sure the gift, if food, doesn't contain dairy, eggs, meat, or gelatin. If shopping for a non-edible present, make sure it doesn't contain any animal skin or by-products like leather, fur, feathers or beeswax.

Also, remember, vegans are generally health and environmentally-conscious people, so there are some great avenues to go down too.

If you're still stuck on ideas, we've compiled a list of what we think are the best gift ideas for vegans.

Online Vegan Cooking Class Membership with Veecoco

Cooking comes with the territory of being vegan.

And what better gift than an online cooking class membership which covers the most delicious world cuisines from Italian to Thai.

Check out Veecoco's online cooking class gift cards here.

online vegan cooking classes

Vegan snacks gift box from VeganlyBox

Nothing says you care like a big box of vegan snacks.

VeganlyBox provides big boxes of vegan cookies, chips, sweets, and candy as a subscription service.

Check out VeganlyBox here.

veganlybox snack box

Coconut bowls & spoons from Cocobowlco

Coconut bowls are great and vegans love them for their natural look, feel... and they sure do go well with a plant-based smoothie bowl!

Shop for coconut bowls on Amazon.


Plant-based vitamins from Future Kind+

Future Kind+ have a huge variety of vegan vitamins.

They pride themselves on clean, healthy, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly vitamins.

Ideal for the health-conscious vegan.

View Future Kind's vitamins here.


vegan vitamins

Plant-based cookbook for beginners

If you're shopping for someone who is new to veganism, a cookbook could be a good idea.

While online recipes are everywhere, there's nothing quite like holding the real thing in your hands - and cookbooks make for a great addition to a kitchen too.

Get The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners on Amazon here.



Women's faux-leather handbags & purses from Doshi

Doshi specializes in stylish vegan leather.

You can find handbags, travel packs, wallets, belts, and business bags via their website - of course, all vegan!

Visit Doshi here.


Plant-based protein from Optimum Nutrition

Shopping for vegan gym-junkie?

This 1.5 lbs 100% plant-based protein powder will do the trick.

This tasty supplement is designed for optimal muscle recovery and is 100% vegan.

Get it on Amazon here.




Men's vegan belts & wallets from Doshi

Men always need belts and wallets.

Doshi has a large range of faux-leather items available for men including belts, backpacks, wallets, and briefcases.

Visit Doshi here.

vegan leather wallet

Vegan lip balm from Eco Lips

It's common for lip balm to contain beeswax, which can make it difficult to find good vegan lip balm.

That's why Eco Lips have created a lip balm that's beeswax free.

Get Eco Lips on Amazon.


Plant-based pancake and waffle mix from It's Really Vegan

Who doesn't like pancakes?

This pre-made vegan pancake and waffle mix is a simple and easy gift guaranteed to please any vegan.

Get it on Amazon.


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