The TEFL Academy Review: Getting A TEFL Certificate Online

The TEFL Academy is one of the most well-recognized and popular online TEFL course providers.

I completed The TEFL Academy's 168-Hour online course to gain my first ESL qualification. I was able to build up to become a successful ESL teacher both in-person and online.

This review walks through my experience getting certified with The TEFL Academy and why you should - or shouldn't - take their online course too.

Why I chose The TEFL Academy

A few years back, I decided I was going to become an ESL teacher. I planned to teach both online and in-person in Vietnam.

I had found some exciting job opportunities, but all the jobs required a TEFL certificate, which I didn't have.

As I was already overseas and I needed a TEFL course which could cater to my needs:

  • Must be online
  • Must be internationally accredited
  • Must be affordable
  • Must have instant access


Online learning

This was essential.

I needed to take a TEFL course online and The TEFL Academy offers this option.


Internationally accredited 

One of the biggest reasons I chose The TEFL Academy is they are recognized worldwide.

I knew my ESL career was going to span working for many international companies and I didn't want to risk my TEFL certificate not being recognized, thus being forced to complete another one.

At least when you're qualified with the TEFL Academy, you know you're not going to encounter any issues with employers.

Note: There are a lot of misleading TEFL providers online who offer very cheap courses, but they are not independently accredited. Do your research before wasting your money on a TEFL course that could be denied by employers.



Of course, the price of a TEFL course is paramount to the final decision. After considering many different TEFL providers, the TEFL Academy matched my budget and offered great value for what I was looking for.

The combination of affordability and its simple online course structure was appealing to me.


Instant Access

I didn't want to commit to enrolling in a TEFL course before I had secured a job. To get around this I put "currently enrolled" and "TEFL to be completed prior to commencing employment" on my resume.

This meant once I was hired, I had to complete a TEFL course - and fast!

So, a big factor when choosing the TEFL Academy was instant access upon enrolment. And while most students take between 4-6 weeks to complete the course, I completed the course in 3 weeks.


A big factor for a lot of people is job assistance upon course completion. As I had already lined up a job, this wasn't as important to me, but I think it's a very important feature when deciding on a TEFL provider.

tefl academy banner logo

What's included in the 168-hour online TEFL course?

Unlike a lot of TEFL providers, the TEFL Academy only offers one TEFL course online.

However, this course contains everything you need - and a lot more too.


Course units

  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching English vocabulary
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Understanding English grammar
  • Teaching receptive skills: Listening and reading
  • Teaching productive skills: Speaking and writing
  • Teaching English grammar
  • Principles of teaching English as a foreign language
  • Materials and aids for teaching English/classroom management strategies
  • Using resources effectively when teaching English as a foreign language

Extra resources

  • Case studies
  • CV and cover letter assistance
  • Job sites and resources
  • Help to find jobs abroad
  • 6-months access to learning materials
  • Free top-up courses

The TEFL Academy vs other TEFL providers

Finding the right TEFL course can be an overwhelming task.

There are so many providers out there and it can be difficult to find the right one.

After a lot of research, the TEFL Academy suited me best due to its simplicity, structure, and international recognition.

There is also reassurance that your qualification with the TEFL Academy will be accepted everywhere.

The TEFL Academy: pros & cons

Overall, my experience was positive with the TEFL Academy.

I was able to get a highly-recognized TEFL qualification in just 3 weeks (studying full time) and I've worked for more than 10 different companies with my certificate without any issues.

My biggest issue with the TEFL Academy was upon completion. I was overseas, and the TEFL Academy sent out a physical copy of my certificate to my home address, but I needed a digital copy to send to my employer.

They wanted to charge me an additional cost to receive a digital copy of the certificate, which I found frustrating. Eventually, I explained my situation and received a digital copy of my certificate.


Clear course structure

Highly recognized and accredited course


Instant access to materials

Job assistance

Lots of additional resources


Additional charge for digital copy of certificate

How much does the 168-hour TEFL course cost?

The price of the TEFL Academy's online 168-hour course is $530 USD.

I made $2000 in my first month of ESL teaching so the return on my TEFL was instant.

Unlike a lot of educational expenses, a TEFL certificate's investment is very quickly paid off, which makes it very appealing.

Conclusion: Do I recommend The TEFL Academy?

I recommend the TEFL Academy to aspiring ESL teachers who want an easy-to-follow course with a reliable provider.

This certificate is ideal for working for international companies as it's widely recognized within the ESL community.

Overall, I got exactly what I expected from the TEFL Academy: a swift and clear course I could follow at my own pace.

If you're interested in teaching ESL, whether online or overseas, the TEFL Academy is one of the best options in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this TEFL Academy review. I hope it answered any questions you may have about getting TEFL certified, but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below.

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