8 Vegan Snacks Available Everywhere in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is an incredible mix of spice and flavor. No matter where you go in the country, you'll find warm wholesome meals, whether its daal and roti or the iconic Sri Lankan rice and curry.

But when you're traveling Sri Lanka and you're on the go there's plenty of quick bites to eat that are cheap, delicious - and vegan!

Here's a breakdown of our favorite 8 snacks we ate daily in Sri Lanka.

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Dal Vada

These little fritters are everywhere.

They were our favorite snack in Sri Lanka, but there is a fine line between good dal vada and bad dal vada.

They tend to dry up very fast, so get them fresh for the best Sri Lankan snacks you'll find!

vegan snacks sri lanka


Hoppers resemble Indian dosas.

You'll find local "hopperators" whipping up hoppers on the street in most places. Although, we did find they were more popular in some regions more than others.

We would add peanut butter to them and wrap them up for the best Sri Lankan snack.

sri lankan hoppers and dal

Veggie Roti

You simply cannot visit Sri Lanka without trying a vegetable roti.

Whether you're on a train, walking streets, in a restaurant, these things are everywhere.

The more local you get them, the cheaper, spicier, and all around tastier they get.

best sri lankan street food

Sri Lankan Pancakes

Sri Lankan pancakes don't look like pancakes you're probably used to.

The yellow, small, squishy rolls are actually pretty tasty. They are most commonly eaten with breakfast and are pretty sweet.

However, lots of stalls sell these as snacks for when you're on the go.

pancakes in sri lankan snack

Medu Vada

These crispy lentil donuts are popular through south Asia and available everywhere in Sri Lanka.

We found them a little bland, but mixed with some Indian food they'll hit the spot nicely.

sri lankan donuts


No matter where you are in Sri Lanka you'll find locals selling you small cups of peanuts.

They're the perfect snack when you're looking for something to munch on while in transit.

street food in sri lanka

Roasted Chickpeas

Another great street food snack you can't miss in Sri Lanka is the street chickpeas.

Local vendors will add chilli to them for locals, and for foreigners if you ask.

Super cheap. Super delicious.

street chickpeas sri lanka

Coconut Roti

Another common form of bread in Sri Lanka is coconut roti.

You'll find these everywhere and are often used to dip into dal or rice and curries.

However, if you're on the go and need some quick carbs - coconut roti will be nearby.

sri lankan coconut roti

Tropical Fruit

At the end of the day, you can't go past Sri Lanka's incredible fruits.

You won't go far before seeing colorful fruit stands.

It's also common to see juice stalls, and we had some of the most refreshing orange juice squeezed right in front of us in Sri Lanka.

tropical fruit in sri lanka

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