How to get to Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach is undoubtedly one of Koh Phangan's most beautiful beaches. It's not the easiest to find either, which makes it even more special.

Getting to Bottle Beach can be an adventure on its own, especially if you travel by motorbike. Google Maps hasn't quite figured this out yet, either, so you'll want to go with someone who's been before - or follow this guide.

Note: This method of getting to Bottle Beach requires dirt-roads and hiking on steep uneven paths. Make sure to bring plenty of water and wear appropriate footwear. 

For the Bottle Beach Viewpoint Hike follow this guide.

how to get to bottle beach phangan

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Getting to Bottle Beach by Motorbike

getting to bottle beach, koh phanganIf you have a motorbike and you're down for a beautiful drive and a little trek, this option is for you.

As Bottle Beach is located on the eastern side of Koh Phangan you'll likely have about a 30-minute drive ahead of you depending on where you're setting off from.

You won't see road signs for Bottle Beach as the local name is Haad Khuad, but follow signs for Thong Nai Pan for the first half of the journey.

If you're leaving from Haad Rin, you'll travel north towards Thong Sala. You'll need to turn right at the road that leads to the Half-moon party (unsure of official road name). There is a 7Eleven on the corner here.

If leaving from Thong Sala you'll travel south down Baan Tai road and turn left at the Halfmoon party road.

Once you're on this road you're going to follow it for a while. Make sure to really take in the scenery here. There's a lot of steep hills and some spectacular jungle views.

If you want a little beach stop on the way you can detour to Sadet Beach, which is a right turn at one of the roundabouts about midday. Look for signs. However, as this is part of the national park, you will have to pay a small fee.

Now for the tricky part. After about 30 minutes or so, you'll be approaching Thong Nai Pan on a decline, but you'll need to take a left before you get there. This turn is unmarked and, despite knowing where it is, I sometimes miss it.

Once on this track follow the road until the road turns to a dirt track. Keep going until you can turn left at the sign for "Haad Khuad Resort".

Follow that dirt track down even further. Be careful on this road, especially if it's been raining. You'll find even more impressive views here.

Right before it gets a little too steep for comfort, there's an area to leave your motorbike. Park up, take everything you need and walk the rest of the way.

The path forks and two signs say "Bottle Beach 1" and "Bottle Beach 2". Both lead to the beach, just at different ends. I usually take Bottle Beach 2.

On a hot day, you'll be sweating buckets and your legs will get a workout. But the reward at the end. Well, it's totally worth it.

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