18 Best Beaches in Koh Phangan: A Beach Hopper’s Guide

best beach guide to koh phangan

Koh Phangan has some of the best beaches in Thailand. The island holds so many beautiful beaches that you won't want to stick to just one. Luckily, Phangan is also one of the best islands in the world to jump on a scooter and beach hop.

The island is also home to a community of expats and remote workers drawn by its incredible yoga and vegan scene.

Unlike neighboring, Koh Samui, much of Phangan is still undeveloped, meaning there are lots of secret beaches hidden away from the crowds. It's too hard to choose a favorite, so the list is in no particular order.

Looking for a beach to let it all hang? Skip to the end of this article for Koh Phangan's best nude beaches.

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1. Haad Khuad (Bottle Beach)

bottle beach koh phangan

This quiet beach is a hidden paradise. Its hard-to-access location has kept it from getting too crowded. But those who venture here will not be disappointed.

In fact, the beach can be quite difficult to find yourself by bike, so we wrote this How to get to Bottle Beach guide.

There are three options for getting to Bottle Beach.

  1. Catch a boat from Chaloklum: Easiest option but costs money and is less exciting.
  2. Hike from nearby Piggy Beach: Challenging, but adds a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Motorbike from Baan Tai towards Thong Nai Pan: Make a left turn on the hill leading down to the town and follow the dirt road until it gets too steep. There's a parking spot there and you'll need to hike the rest of the way.

If you're looking for the Bottle Beach Viewpoint, which overlooks the beach, the directions are different. Follow this guide to find out how.

2. Haad Khom (Piggy Beach)

koh phangan pig beach

If you're looking to escape crowds and chill in one of the most gorgeous aqua waters you've ever seen, this one's for you. This beach sits near Chaloklum in the north but has far fewer visitors.

There are known to be monkeys in this area, so keep your belongings covered while you're swimming.

Oh, and don't forget to say hello to the humongous pig on the way in. He lives at a small restaurant and is usually found snoring nearby.

3. Haad Son (Secret Beach)

secret beach thailand

Not a secret, but nonetheless stunning and a must-visit beach in Koh Phangan.

This beach is another that is good for sunsets and can be a good option if you're not in the mood for the more flashy Zen Beach.

Koh Raham is right next door to Secret Beach and is one of the most interesting restaurants in Koh Phangan. Even if you don't intend to eat or drink there, it's definitely worth a walkthrough.

4. Zen Beach

zen beach koh phangan

Zen Beach is the heartbeat of the north.

This is where the expat community comes together to dance through each sunset to the sound of drums. You'll see fire-twirling and witness one of the best sunsets on the entire island.

The beach, in Srithanu, isn't well advertised, and for good reason. This place is more than a beach, it's the soul of Phangan.

5. Haad Salad

haad salad beach koh phangan

Yet another stunning beach in the north with crystal clear water, soft sand - this beach is simply perfection on its day.

Like Haad Yao, Salad Beach also has a lot of high-end development on its shores, which takes away from its beauty, especially as you need to walk through a resort to enter the beach.

With all that said, Haad Salad is still one of the most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan.

6. Haad Yao

haad yao beach koh phangan

Around the corner from Secret Beach is Haad Yao. This is a popular beach for high-end resorts, which does take away from its beauty.

However, the water is usually pristine and can be the most stunning beach on the island some days.

It's also not a bad beach to do some morning yoga.

7. Chaloklum Beach

koh phangan beaches

In the far north is the little town of Chaloklum. It has much more of a Thai feel here that other parts of the island have lost. There are a couple of cool cafes and vegan restaurants here to chill. The beach is usually quiet but can get busy around full moon times.

However, the beach is long and you can always find a perfect spot to relax and chill. There are a couple of rope swings too if you're looking for an Insta shoot.

You can't go wrong with Chaloklum. But if you're looking for somewhere even more peaceful, jump on a boat there and escape to Bottle Beach.

8. Koh Tae Nai

koh tae nai island

This island isn't technically a beach on Koh Phangan. But for those who are up for a little bit of adventure, this place is paradise.

Koh Tae Nai is the island you can see off the coast of Thong Sala and Hin Kong. It looks close, but too far to swim. That part of the island also gets a lot of jellyfish so I wouldn't advise swimming there.

Instead, you can rent a kayak for a reasonable hourly price from Becks Resort just outside of Thong Sala. Depending on the conditions getting to the island shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

Once there you'll likely have the entire place to yourself. Enjoy paradise!

9. Haad Rin (Full Moon Beach)

haad rin phangan beach

If you've heard of any beach in Koh Phangan, it's probably this one. Made extremely popular with the monthly full moon parties, Haad Rin is synonymous with drinking and partying well into the night.

Even outside of full moon times, a lot of the bars are blasting music and tourists are dancing.

Whether this sounds good to you or not, there's no denying that Haad Rin is a gorgeous beach. And while it doesn't beat the northern or eastern beaches on Phangan, it's definitely one that won't disappoint when it comes to beauty.

10. Mae Head Beach & Ko Ma Island

koh ma island koh phangan

In the far north is the iconic Ko Ma, which is an island connected to Mae Head Beach by a snaking sand bar. The tide determines how wide or thin this sand bar gets, but most of the time it provides a golden pathway to Ko Ma, which is a relaxing place to laze around and has some incredible snorkeling.

While an excellent beach, don't miss an opportunity to see this one from above. A steep drive up to 360 bar will give you a sweeping panoramic view of Phangan's north, including Ko Ma.

To stop people just stopping by for photos, you're required to make a purchase to enjoy the view. And while beers are (relatively) expensive here, it's still worth it for the views.

11. Haad Yuan Beach

haad yuan koh phangan

This hidden beach is mostly associated with Eden's Garden parties, however, it's a secret stunner in the day too.

Practically inaccessible, you can get here two ways. Hire a local with a jeep or a boat from Haad Rin to get you here. While connected to Phangan's mainland, it has a secluded island feel to it.

While close to busy Haad Rin, this beach is a nearby escape you won't regret making.

12. Hin Kong

hin kong koh phangan

While this long stretch of beach isn't much of a swimming beach due to the low tide and coral, but it does happen to provide absolutely stunning sunsets night after night with the sky reflecting off the still water.

After a low day of exploring the island, there's really no better place to put a beach blanket down, crack open a Chang and watch the most colorful sky open up before you.

13. Haad Than Sadet Beach

haad sadet koh phangan

This quiet enclave is a perfect combination of white sand, blue water and instagramable rope swings.

Walking onto the beach, you'll feel like you're stepping into a postcard.

There's a nearby viewpoint that can be accessed from the beach by walking across a sketchy bridge.

Haad Sadet is part of Than Sadet national park, which means there is a fee for entering this area.

14. Thong Nai Pan Beach

thong nai pan koh phangan

There's a different feel on Koh Phangan's east coast.

Thong Nai Pan is the perfect escape, but with all the necessities you'll need. The beach is gorgeous, the resorts classy and the general vibe is slow.

The small town has a family vibe to it, unlike the young-single vibe in Haad Rin or the hippy vibe around Srithanu.

Make sure to slow down here at least once on your visit.

Koh Phangan's Nude Beaches

If you're looking for something a bit more private to tan your, uh, privates. Here's some of Koh Phangan's unofficial nude beaches.

*Note: Public nudity is illegal in Thailand.

nude beach locations koh phangan map

1. Secret Nude Beach - Near Thong Sala

On the coastal road between Thong Sala and Hin Kong right around Bluerama is a little opening in the bushes and a short hike down to a small secret beach. This beach isn't named as far as I know, but it's stunning and is popular with some people going completely naked.

2. Leela Beach

Just a stone's throw away from Haad Rin's full moon beach is Leela Beach, where it's a lot quieter and popular with nudists.

3. Zen Beach

You'll find this easily by walking further down from Zen Beach, which turns into a nudist beach.

4. Mae Head South

A little tucked-away section up on the southern end of Mae Head (further away from Koh Ma).

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