5 Best Gyms in Koh Phangan (Plus Muay Thai Fitness)

While areas of Thailand like Phuket grow into fitness hotspots, Koh Phangan's gym scene remains reasonably humble in size. When it comes to choosing a gym in Koh Phangan, your choices will be limited to the northwest of the island.

We're currently training at Podium as it's closest to our rental. However, there are a couple of high-quality gyms to choose from that will meet the training needs of most. You won't be hard-pressed to find Muay Thai classes with a few specialized Muay Thai gyms located on the island. And for all the yogis out there, a couple of the gyms also run yoga classes.

AC is a luxury on the island, but if you're looking to train and keep fit on Koh Phangan, these gyms will be more than enough.

1. Evolve health club - Srithanu

evolve fitness gym koh phangan

If you're passing through Srithanu you can't miss EVOLVE. The open-air gym has an old-school vibe to it. There are lots of classes on offer here too, like yoga, kettlebell training and Muay Thai.

  • Hours: 7am-9pm (weekdays) 7am-6pm (weekends)
  • AC: no
  • Muay Thai: yes
  • Equipment: good
  • Supplements: yes (plant protein available)

2. Podium - Baan Tai

podium gym koh phangan

Podium is located right off Baan Tai road close to Thong Sala. The gym is cleaner but smaller than nearby Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness. All equipment is high-quality and clean, especially for Koh Phangan standards.

  • Hours: 7am-10pm - 7 days
  • AC: Yes
  • Muay Thai: No
  • Equipment: New & clean
  • Supplements: Yes

3. Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness Gym - Thong Sala

phangan muay thai and fitness gym

When it comes to experiencing a "real" Thai gym, Phangan Muay Thai & Fitness ticks all the boxes. Probably the biggest gym on the island, so it doesn't get crowded. It's divided: half gym, half Muay Thai. It gets hot in here, so be prepared for a sweaty workout.

  • Hours: 7am-8.30pm (Mon-Sat) 12pm-6pm (Sun)
  • AC: No
  • Muay Thai: Yes
  • Equipment: Good/old
  • Supplements: Yes (small store at the front desk)

4. The Press Gym & Fitness Club - Chaloklum

the press gym in chaloklum

A small gym tucked away in Chaloklum. This gym doesn't match up to the others on the island, but could be a good option for those based in the north looking for a basic gym.

*According to The Press Facebook Page, the gym was refurbished in May 2020.

  • Hours: 8am-11pm (7 days)
  • AC: No
  • Muay Thai: No
  • Equipment: Old
  • Supplements: No

5. Diamond Muay Thai - Thong Sala

diamond muay thai koh phangan

A Muay Thai training gym offering a variety of Muay Thai training programs and stay-in camps.

  • Hours: Set training schedule
  • AC: No
  • Muay Thai: Yes
  • Equipment: Good
  • Supplements: No

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