50 Things To Do In Koh Phangan: The Ultimate Island Checklist

Koh Phangan is an island blessed with beautiful beaches, stunning viewpoints, jungle treks and enough hidden gems to keep you exploring for months.

We've compiled the most in-depth list of things to do in Koh Phangan you'll need.

So, dive right in and see how many things you can tick off.

50 Things To Do in Koh Phangan

1: Experience the magic of a Zen Beach sunset

Drum circles, dancing, fire twirling, and a fiery sunset - what more does one need?

zen beach sri thanu drum circle

2: Take in the island's best view from Bottle Beach viewpoint

Conquer one of the island's hikes to score a view like no other. Follow this guide to find the hike.

best views in phangan

3: Take a dip at Wangsai waterfall

It might not be the easiest waterfall to find, but this quiet spot has numerous rock pools that act as natural hot tubs.

4: Visit the pig at Haad Khom

This beach is an absolute stunner... but who are we kidding, we come for the super-chilled pig.

koh phangan pig beach

5: Try the island's amazing vegan food

Koh Phangan is one of the best places in the world for vegan food. Whether you're vegan or not, you need to eat at one of these amazing restaurants to truly experience Koh Phangan.

vegan falafel koh phangan

6: Party at Rasta Home on Friday nights

Live reggae music, chill vibes, and a whole lot of dancing.

7: Stretch it out at a yoga class

Koh Phangan's yogi scene is impressive. You can find yoga classes every day of the week, so no excuses not to.

8: Spend an entire day beach hoppin'

You can't avoid picturesque beaches in Koh Phangan, so it's only fair to enjoy them. Use this guide to explore every beach on the island.

hin kong koh phangan

9: Sip on chocolate tea at Deli Devi

You can try their amazing cashew nut cheese selection!

10: Lose yourself in ecstatic dance

Feel the music, let loose, and do what comes naturally at Pyramid Yoga Center.

11: Attend an open mic night at Jam Bar

Thursdays and Sundays are all about live music at Jam Bar. Grab a beer and take in the musical island vibes!

12: Try a mouth-watering Masala Dosa at Chana Masala

Whether you love Indian food or not, you won't regret this choice.

13: Wander in awe around the artsy Koh Raham

This place is like nowhere else.

14: Test yourself at "The Challenge"

Be prepared to eat it.

15: Eat, shop, and be entertained at Thong Sala's Saturday night markets

Grab a bite to eat while you dodge crowds at this traditional Thai night market.

16: Get a bamboo tattoo

It feels like every corner of Koh Phangan has a tattoo parlor. Embrace your inner cliche and get a travel tattoo.

17: Seek out a hidden viewpoint bar

Koh Phangan has dozens of hidden bars with incredible views. You won't find these easily, but you can use this guide to get started.

18: Grab a photo with Phangan's most photogenic coconut tree

It's in Hin Kong. You can't miss it.

koh phangan vegan food blog

19: Start a game of beach volleyball

Some popular volleyball nets for a game are on Haad Rin and Haad Yao beaches.

20: Attend a 'moon' party

Just 'cos.

full moon party koh phangan thailand

21: Be part of the buzz at the morning fruit and veg markets in Thong Sala

And it's the cheapest place to get avos!

22: Take a kayak and explore a nearby island

If you're lucky, you could have it all to yourself.

23: Eat fried rice out of a pineapple

If there's a better bowl, I haven't seen it.

24: Climb the old radio tower in Haad Rin

But don't look down.

25: Hold your breath and freedive in Chaloklum

Freedive in some of the clearest waters.

26: Get enchanted at a herbal steam sauna and fire circle at The Dome

Anyone wanna Dome 'n' chill?

27: Swim with panoramic postcard views at Bluerama

You won't believe this pool until you see it.

28: Join a guided meditation

You'll find plenty of classes here to help you find your zen.

29: Slip and fly at Slip 'n' Fly

This isn't for everyone. Stay safe.

30: Party all night at Eden's Garden

Some might say it's the real full moon party!

31: Kick some butt at a Muay Thai class

A lot of Koh Phangan gyms also have Muay Thai classes.

32: Enjoy mango sticky rice at Pantip markets

50 baht... bargain!

33: Get a Thai massage

After all day on the beach, just try not to fall asleep.

34: Hike Phangan's tallest mountain Khao Ra

For the best experience, get there for sunrise.

35: Eat cheap at an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet

Fill your plate for 100 baht at Aree's in Sri Thanu.

aree's vegan buffet koh phangan

36: SUP over crystal clear waters

There are a lot of places in Koh Phangan to rent Stand Up Paddleboards. Some beachside restaurants even give customers free SUP time on certain days.

37: Snorkel around Koh Ma island

Some of the best snorkeling the island has to offer.

38: Get away from the beach and play mini golf

Had a little too much beach time? Grab a club and play some mini golf at one of Phangan's mini golf courses.

39: Detox at a healing center

The island is full of places to detox, stretch, and breath. Some of the most popular options are Orion Healing and Wonderland Healing.

40: See the spiraling Koh Ma sandbar from 360 bar

It's one of Koh Phangan's iconic viewpoints.

koh ma island koh phangan

41: Catch a boat to the enclosed Haad Yuan beach

A little slice of island paradise, just a short trip from Haad Rin.

42: Catch a movie at the island's only cinema

A perfect way to unwind after a long day of unwinding. The cinema is located in Thong Sala.

43: Stop by Phangan's giant tree

The impressive Yang Na Yai Tree is one of the island's largest natural landmarks.

44: Swing away the day at Sadet beach

Not only is Haad Sadet stunning, it has a pretty cool rope swing too.

haad sadet koh phangan

45: Volunteer with stray dogs

The Phangan Animal Care for Strays Foundations (PACS) does wonderful things for the island's large stray dog population. They're often seeking volunteers and dog walkers, so drop by and lend a hand.

46: Catch a sunset at Amsterdam Bar

Witness the mixture of colors: red, orange and... green.

47: Take a vow of silence

Some Koh Phangan temples host vipassana, silent meditation retreats that will test your inner control.

48: Learn some Thai

Drop by the KPT language school and work on your Thai.

49: Be part of a free ceremony at Green Gallery

You can see their schedules via their Facebook page.

50: Get lost

Get on a bike and explore. You will find another 50 incredible things all to yourself on this wonderful island.

koh phangan motorbike travel

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