5 Secret Bars With Stunning Views in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is full of hidden gems to explore.

You could spend months finding new things to do on this island paradise.

We've compiled a list of the island's 5 breathtaking secret spots that most visitors miss.

Hide on High Bar

Get directions to Hide on High

amazing viewpoints in koh phangan

This is one of Koh Phangan's best-kept secrets with one of the best viewpoints on the island.

As it's facing East, you won't get sunsets here, but afternoon beers are what this place is all about.

It's quite a mission to get up on Hide on High, especially if it's been raining. There's no hiking involved, but the roads are undeveloped and full of potholes. Take it slow, steady, and enjoy the views.

Secret Mountain

Get directions to Secret Mountain

secret mountain views koh phangan

An incredible restaurant and bar ideal for sunsets overlooking the dense Koh Phangan jungle.

This place is not only hidden, but it's big. There is a swimming pool and treehouse-style private platforms that are a nice touch.

Secret Mountain might not be as "secret" as some other bars in this article, but it's definitely worth a visit.


Get directions to Treehouse

swimming pool with a view in koh phangan

While many tourists visit 360 bar, most miss out on nearby Treehouse.

This rustic bar has a swimming pool and lounge areas and has a stunning view.

Unlike 360 bar, you'll likely have this place to yourself.

Wow Viewpoint Bar

Get directions to Wow Viewpoint

wow viewpoint bar koh phangan

The steep ascent to this bar will test your scooter's power, but the views from Wow are breathtaking.

The bar itself is simple but nice. Wow staff regularly host yoga sessions and on our visit, someone was getting a tattoo!

The view is great for sunset and is located close to Haad Rin.

The Heaven Bar

Get directions to The Heaven Bar

the heaven bar koh phangan

This bar is pretty hidden and requires a little hike to get there.

Signage isn't great, head towards Wangsai waterfall, and keep going past there to find the path to the bar.

The views from the top are nothing short of amazing.

Other 'not-so-secret' bars with the best views in Koh Phangan

Amsterdam Bar

Get directions to Amsterdam Bar

stunning sunset in koh phangan

Probably one of the most famous viewpoints in Koh Phangan.

Around full moon times, this place gets packed, but other times you can really chill here with a stunning sunset.

The bar is also known for its "shakes" if you catch my drift.


Get directions to Bluerama

best views in koh phangan with swimming pool

Bluerama is one of those bars you have to see to believe.

There's no wonder Bluerama is a Koh Phangan Instagram hotspot, with its infinity pool spanning out towards Thailand's island-dotted ocean.

The bar is located close to Amsterdam bar and Thong Sala and requires a fast but steep climb to get to the top.

360 Bar

Get directions to 360 Bar

view of ko ma from 360 bar koh phangan

An iconic viewpoint bar spanning panoramic views of Koh Phangan's north.

360 Bar is the best spot to see the island of Koh Ma and the spiraling sandbar that links it to Phangan's mainland.

Staff won't allow tourists to take photos without purchasing a drink, so you might as well grab a juice, coconut, or cold beer and take in the views.

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