The Best Hawaiian Islands For Vegans in 2023

Millions of people visit the Hawaiian island each year - but which island is best for vegans?

In this article, we look at Hawaii's top populated islands and share which island is the most vegan-friendly based on the number of restaurants and access to vegan options at nearby supermarkets/food stalls.

So if you're looking for the most vegan-friendly Hawaii island for your vacation, honeymoon, or perhaps new home - we've got you covered.

The Most Vegan-Friendly Hawaiian Islands [Ranked]

1. Oahu

vegan food in oahu

Oahu is the best island in Hawaii for vegans. It's little surprise that Hawaii's most populated island also has the highest number of vegan restaurants and accessibility to supermarkets with more vegan options.

Oahu's 6 Best Vegan Restaurants:

  1. Blondie's Vegan Kitchen: A variety of vegan American-Mexican foods.
  2. The Cosmic Kitchen: Hearty vegan sandwiches and bowls.
  3. Umeke Market: Vegan breakfast, brunch and lunch food.
  4. Peace Cafe: All-vegan cafe.
  5. Loving Hut: Vegan Chinese restaurant.
  6. Tane Vegan Izakaya: Vegan Japanese restaurant.

2. Maui

maui for vegans

Maui is the second-best Hawaiian island for vegan travelers and is still a great choice due to the number of plant-based restaurants and access to vegan groceries.

Maui's 3 Best Vegan Restaurants:

  1. A'A Roots Health Cafe: All-vegan cafe and juice bar.
  2. Papio's Place: Vegan food truck with a rotating menu.
  3. Earth Aloha Eats: New American-Mexican restaurant.

3. Kauai

kauai hawaii for vegans

Kauai is a little less vegan-friendly than Oahu and Maui, especially when it comes to 100% vegan restaurants. However, there are still vegan options available from a number of restaurants.

Kauai Vegan-Friendly Restaurants:

  1. Island Taco: Vegan Mexican options available.
  2. Kauai Poke Co: Food truck that has vegan poke bowls.
  3. The Thai & Smoothie Place: Thai restaurant with a veggie menu.
  4. Puka Dog: Hotdog stand with a veggie dog option.

4. The Big Island

big island hawaii for vegans

Hawaii's Big Island has a hippy vibe to it so it naturally gravitates to aligning with veganism. While the population is much less than Oahu and Maui, the Big Island still provides a number of vegan options to make the trip enjoyable for vegan foodies.

Big Island Vegan-Friendly Restaurants:

  1. Journey Cafe Big Island: Farm-fresh vegan restaurant.
  2. Herbivores: All-vegan restaurant serving comfort food.
  3. Cafe Ono: Cafe with vegan options.

5-6. Molokai & Lanai

hawaii islands vegan options

Both Molokai and Lanai are not good islands for vegan food. While it is definitely still possible to eat here, you'll need to talk with most restaurant staff before to ensure they can accommodate.

Quick Tips for Vegans Visiting Hawaii

  1. No matter what island you visit, you'll likely find an Indian or Thai restaurant there. These restaurants will typically always have vegan options available or the ability to veganize a meal.
  2. Down To Earth is an organic grocery store and deli in Hawaii. You'll find great vegan options here. Currently, there are only Down To Earth's in Oahu and Maui.
  3. If you want to enjoy a yoga scene, the Big Island has a yogi/hippy community making it one of the best spots in Hawaii for yoga.

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