The Best and Worst US States for Vegans

Veganism is growing fast across the US with more States becoming vegan-friendly destinations.

A study by IPSOS monitored Google Search data in each State between 2004 to 2019 to determine the levels of interest in vegan and plant-based lifestyles.

The 15-year trends revealed Mississippi and North and South Dakota were the worst places in America for vegans.

Whereas, Oregon and the West Coast region were the consistently best areas in America for vegans according to the study.

Another study by WalletHub, concluded West Coast cities: Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco were the best in the country for vegans.


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Vegan Growth in the US

In 2004 there were an estimated 240,000 vegans in the United States.

However, in 15 years that number exploded to 9.7 million in 2019.

Vegan alternatives are booming too. In 2018-19 vegan alternatives grew a whopping 17% compared to just 2% for overall food.

Restaurants also served up more vegan food than ever before with a 268% increase in meatless alternatives on the menu.

10 Best US States for Vegans

portland oregon best vegan city

1. Oregon

2. California

3. New York

4. Vermont

5. Colorado

6. Nevada

7. Washington

8. Florida

9. Georgia

10. Hawaii

10 Worst US States for Vegans

mississippi worst state for vegans

1. Mississippi

2. North Dakota

3. South Dakota

4. Alabama

5. West Virginia

6. Wyoming

7. Arkansas

8. Kentucky

9. Indiana

10. Kansas

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