The Best Vegan Food Subscription Services in 2022

Online food subscriptions have become the norm in many households - and the demand for vegan meal subscriptions has climbed recently.

Vegan food subscription services seem to be popping up everywhere, but which is the best?

In this article, we've curated the best vegan food subscription services for meals and snacks to make your subscription decision a whole lot easier.

So, whether going vegan was your 2021 resolution or you're simply seeking out new plant-based meals, these meal subscription services will have you covered.


What are food subscription services?

Food and snack box subscriptions are a modern approach to food delivery.

Subscribers can search online and place orders for meal plans of their choice.

Most meal preparation services offer weekly, monthly, or one-off orders.

The food delivery service will then create your order and deliver it right to your door.

Each delivery service has its own meal plan options and preferences.

Meal-based subscription services are a great way to take a load off shopping, meal preparation and cooking to free up your time.



Why subscribe to vegan meal services?

The COVID pandemic opened the doors for online food delivery services to flourish and now meal deliveries are quickly becoming the norm.

Vegan food subscriptions play an important role for new vegans as the transition can be difficult for some.

Having pre-made vegan meals delivered to your doorstep can take the pressure off cooking, learn more vegan meal ideas, and ultimately free up your time.

Vegan food subscriptions


Purple Carrot

vegan meal subscriptions

Type: 100% vegan meal delivery service.

Ships to: Nationwide US.

What's included: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

Purple Carrot says they're cultivating the plant-based revolution and it's hard to argue with them.

As one of the best vegan food subscription services in the United States, Purple Carrot delivers delicious, nutritious and inventive plant-based meals to your door.

They deliver meals weekly and subscribers choose from the Purple Carrot menu online.


Vegin' Out

vegan food delivery in los angeles

Type: Vegan Meal subscriptions.

Ships to: Los Angeles area & across the US.

What's included: Vegan entrees, side dishes, and desserts.

Vegin' Out is one of America's most popular vegan food delivery services.

The business is based in Los Angeles, and provides different delivery rates for those located in and around the LA region. However, you can get delicious vegan meals to your doorstep anywhere in the US.


Fresh n Lean

fresh n lean food delivery service

Type: Meal delivery service with vegan options.

Ships to: Nationwide US.

What's included: Two vegan meal plan options.

While Fresh n Lean is not a fully vegan service, they do offer a couple of great vegan meal delivery options. Their two vegan options are the Standard Vegan and Low Carb Vegan choices.

Fresh n Lean offers meals that include soy-based ChickN and Beyond Meat along with organic and sustainably farmed vegetables.



Vegan snack subscriptions


delicious door snack box

Type: Health-focused Snacks

Ships to: US (free shipping)

What's included: 12 premium plant-based items every month. 100% plant-based & gluten-free.

DeliciousDoor is a healthy alternative for those seeking tasty, but clean snacks. The brand evolved from Vegancuts to create a plant-based box more appeaing to a wider, health-curious market.



vegan christmas gifts

Type: Snack & beauty boxes

Ships to: US (free shipping) & International

What's included: Curated snack, beauty and make-up boxes

Vegancuts provide monthly vegan snack and beauty subscription boxes. The packages come with a variety of products that are unique each month. The boxes are ideal for new and experienced vegans who want to find rare and new cruelty-free products.


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veganlybox snack box

Type: Snack boxes

Ships to: US (free shipping) & International

What's included: Curated snack boxes

VeganlyBox is a monthly snack box subscription that delivers 8+ snacks per month. You can subscribe to 1 month, 3 months or 6-month plans.



indian superfood snacks

Type: Plant-based snacks

Ships to: US & Canada

What's included: Popped water lily seed snacks

AshaPops is a family-owned business providing Ayurveda superfood snacks from India. The popped water lily seeds are puffy snacks like popcorn, and they come in a range of unique flavors.


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