Ultimate Seattle Veggie Guide: Best Vegan Restaurants in Emerald City

Vegans in Seattle are blessed with some of the most mouthwatering, innovative, and culturally-teleporting foods in the United States. The Emerald City might be rainy, but what it lacks in sun, it sure makes up for with vegan options.

Whether you're a local or traveling through, Seattle has 100% vegan restaurants from Asian to American, from comfort to dine-in - you simply will not leave Seattle unsatisfied.

We know you're hungry for it. Let's jump right in!

11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

1. Plum Bistro

plum bistro seattle

  • Best for: High-quality vegan meals
  • Location: Capitol Hill: 1429 12th Ave, Seattle
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Plum Bistro is a Seattle must for vegans. The elegant, industrial-style restaurant, serves up a delicious selection of vegan dishes featuring two of the most popular plant-based proteins: seitan and tofu. It's a restaurant even non-vegans will love.


2. Harvest Beat

harvest beat seattle

  • Best for: 5-course vegan meal
  • Location: Fremont: 1711 N 45th St, Seattle
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Harvest Beat is committed to sustainability and is renowned for its exquisite vegan food, sourced from farm to table. Each night, guests can indulge in a five-course dinner that showcases the culinary talent in the kitchen.


3. The Wayward Vegan Cafe

wayward vegan cafe seattle

  • Best for: Veganized American diner eats
  • Location: Green Lake Area: 801 NE 65th St Seattle
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The Wayward Vegan is one of Seattle's favorite haunts to find delicious vegan comfort food. At this convenient counter-service cafe, you can get vegan food all day, including breakfast and lunch options.


4. Cycle Dogs

cycle dogs vegan food seattle

  • Best for: Vegan hot dogs
  • Location: Ballard: 5410 17th Ave NW, Seattle
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An amiable restaurant catering to vegans serves up delicious burgers, hot dogs, and breakfast dishes, plus cocktails.


5. ChuMinh Tofu

chuminh tofu seattle

  • Best for: Vietnamese
  • Location: CID: 1043 S Jackson St, Seattle
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This low-key eatery serves up all-vegan Vietnamese delights, available both as an all-day buffet and take-out meals. ChuMinh Tofu not only feeds to souls of Seattle all week, but on Sundays between 10.30am-12.30pm the vegan restaurant serves free meals outside their building to anyone who needs it.


6. Cafe Flora

cafe flora seattle

  • Best for: Weekend brunches with mimosas
  • Location: Madison Valley: 2901 E Madison St, Seattle
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Cafe Flora has been a Seattle veggie staple for nearly three decades. Its delectable vegetarian menu is almost 100% vegan and combines elements from around the world with the bountiful produce of the Pacific Northwest.


7. Kati Vegan Thai

kati vegan thai seattle

  • Best for: All-vegan Thai food
  • Location: South Lake Union: 1190 Thomas St, Seattle
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Kati Vegan Thai's motto is "modern flavors, traditional methods" which speaks to the food you'll find here. Dine on tantalizing vegan Thai food and refreshing signature cocktails in a stylishly modern space boasting pendant lights and blond wood.


8. Pizza Pi

pizza pi seattle

  • Best for: Build your own vegan pizza
  • Location: University District: 5301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
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Pizza Pi calls itself "America's oldest vegan pizzeria". While we're unsure if this is true, what we do know is the pizza here is incredible. The craft pizzeria lets you take control and build your perfect pizza with fresh and tasty ingredients, including vegan bacon, chick'n and pepp'a'roni.


9. Ben and Esthers Jewish Deli

ben and esthers vegan deli seattle

  • Best for: Vegan deli foods
  • Location: Capitol Hill: 907 E Pike St, Seattle
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Seattle is lucky enough to home to the iconic Jewish delicatessen Ben and Esther's, which is currently only in 3 cities in the US: San Diego, Portland, and Seattle.


10. Sushi Samurai

samurai sushi seattle

  • Best for: 100% vegan sushi
  • Location: Capitol Hill: 1817 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
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Samurai Sushi has all your favorite sushi rolls and seafood - but plant-based.


11. Araya's Place

arayas place seattle

  • Best for: Thai lunch buffet
  • Location: Various locations in Seattle (Uway, Madison, Bellevue)
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Araya's Place is an all-vegan Thai restaurant located at a number of locations in Seattle. The eatery is best known for its tasty lunch buffets.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle

Indian Restaurants

  • Annapurna - Capitol Hill: 1833 Broadway, Seattle
  • Taste of India  - University District: 5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

Mexican Restaurants

Ethiopian Restaurants

  • Cafe Salem - Central District: 2715 E Cherry St B, Seattle
  • Enat - Northgate: 11546-11552, 11546 15th Ave NE, Seattle

Vegan Grocery Stores in Seattle

100% Vegan Groceries

Vegan-Friendly Grocery Stores

These restaurants sell many vegan products including cruelty-free haircare and body care products, and veggie meals.

Seattle Vegan Resources

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