12 Best Vegan Restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is fast becoming an unmissable vegan destination in central Wisconsin. The State's second-largest city has developed a green heartbeat with a series of all-vegan restaurants springing up in the last decade.

With veganism still playing catch-up in the Midwest, cities like Madison are paving the way for plant-based eating from comfort to cultural foods.

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In this guide, we explore all the best vegan and veggie-friendly eats in Madison, WI. Enjoy!

12 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Madison

1. Jardin

best vegan restaurants madison

  • Best for: Sit-down plant-based dining
  • Location: 829 E Washington Ave, Madison
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Jardin features a globally-inspired menu that is 100% plant-based. Its rotating menu combined with several added accompaniments makes for a must-try experience in Madison. They also feature a vegan wine, liquor, beer and non-alcoholic bar. Jardin is located in Robinia Courtyard, one of downtown Madison's most exciting indoor and outdoor spaces for dining, drinks, and entertainment.


2. Sookie's Veggie Burgers

vegan burgers madison wi

  • Best for: Vegan burgs!
  • Location: 502 State St, Madison
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Sookie's began their journey in a small food trailer in Milwaukee and are now proud to be offering their veggie burgers to the people of Madison, Wisconsin. No matter the meal of the day, their all-vegan restaurant has a tasty dish to offer. The name Sookie, actually comes from the owner's dog, Sookie - who is unfortunately not vegan. But is still loved dearly.


3. Just Veggiez

vegan food in madison wisconsin

  • Best for: Delicious all-vegan comfort food
  • Location: 2817 E Washington Ave, Madison
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Just Veggiez is a Madison favorite for vegans. The 100% vegan restaurant is black-owned and family-owned and serves up delicious (and healthier) versions of our fast food favorites. Just Veggiez is a must-visit for anyone in Madison looking for tasty vegan options.


4. Mother Fool's Coffeehouse

mother fools cafe madison

  • Best for: Organic coffee and a bite
  • Location: 1101 Williamson St, Madison

Mother Fool's Coffeehouse is a cool-vibe cafe offering organic coffee, vegan soups & baked foods. The cafe is also an entertainment venue hosting live music, poetry, and open-mic nights.


5. The Green Owl Cafe

green owl cafe madison

  • Best for: Plant-based comfort food
  • Location: 1970 Atwood Ave (at Winnebago St), Madison
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The Green Owl Cafe is Madison's longest-running all-vegan restaurant. The cafe is a cozy, rustic venue with a patio serving up delectable faux-meat veggie fare and scrumptious vegan desserts. For over a decade, they have dedicated themselves to creating heartwarming vegan comfort food that the Madison community loves.


6. The Cheeze Factory (Baraboo)

vegan restaurant baraboo

  • Best for: Quaint vegan eats in a historic building
  • Location: 618 Oak Street Baraboo, WI
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Located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the city of Baraboo, the Cheeze Factory is a throwback cafe that serves up creative vegan dishes for lunch and dinner, alongside their selection of housemade baked goods and freshly-brewed espresso. The must-visit restaurant gets its name from its building, which was once Dells Cheese Co. in the 1950s.


7. Curry in the Box

vegan curry madison wi

  • Best for: Curry, curry and more curry!
  • Location: 2907 University Ave, Madison (also has a Fitchburg location)
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Curry in a Box are experts in all things curry, crafting delicious Thai and Indian curries from 7 unique sauces. The Spicy Meter can help you select the level of heat that suits your taste. Furthermore, most of the sauces are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with gluten-free alternatives also available. If you would prefer a veggie-friendly option, simply ask the staff to replace chicken with tofu.


8. Himal Chuli

nepali food in madison wisconsin

  • Best for: Nepali soul food
  • Location: 318 State St, Madison
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At Himal Chuli, diners can experience the delights and flavors of Nepali cuisine with a range of vegan-friendly and gluten-free options. The restaurant boasts a quaint outdoor patio and sources ingredients locally to bring cultural flavors to its customers.


9. Bandung Indonesian Restaurant

indonesian food madison

  • Best for: Indonesian eats
  • Location: 600 Williamson St, Madison
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Bandung is a casual, batik-decorated eatery serving traditional and fusion Indonesian fare in a strip-mall setting. The restaurant has been family owned and operated since 2000. Bandung is located near the corner of Blount and Williamson Streets, just a few blocks east of the Majestic Theatre.


10. The Ugly Apple Cafe

ugly apple cafe madison

  • Best for: A courthouse lunch
  • Location: The Dane County Courthouse: 215 South Hamiton Street (Lower level)
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The Ugly Apple Cafe is a random vegan find located at The Dane County Courthouse. While the cafe is not 100% vegan, there are a surprising number of vegan options at this cafe including a vegan sandwich, salads, muffins, and dairy-free milk for coffee. You don't need to have any official court business to enter, but you will need to pass a weapons screening to get in.


11. Monty's Blue Plate Diner

vegan diner in madison wisconsin

  • Best for: 1950s-style diner experience
  • Location: 2089 Atwood Ave, Madison
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Monty's Blue Plate Diner serves up traditional comfort food and vegetarian and vegan fare, this 1950s-style diner is housed in a renovated gas station. Vegetarians and vegans can find plenty of delectable options here, including walnut burgers, tofu scramblers, vegan banana walnut pancakes, and the renowned Veggie Loaf of the Gods.


12. Banzo

middle east restaurant in madison wi

  • Best for: Traditional Mediterranean
  • Location: 2105 Sherman Avenue, Madison
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Banzo serves counter-style meals from a food truck, complete with a patio. Their food is based on authentic Mediterranean recipes and finished with a signature Banzo twist. They emphasize quality ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.

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