Where to Stay in Cancun | Best Hotels in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a vacation destination that attracts many different travelers.

Whether you're searching for luxury ocean view hotels, cultural downtown grit, or short-term budget accommodation, this Cancun where to stay guide has you covered.

This Where to Stay Cancun guide is divided between the two most popular tourist areas: The Hotel Zone and Downtown Cancun.



Best ways to book accommodation in Cancun

Accommodation options in Cancun appear endless.

There is a wide range of booking websites and apps and it's a good idea to check multiple sites to find the best value.

However, Booking.com and Airbnb, are two essential platforms I highly recommend using on your trip to Cancun.


Booking.com - Booking is the most popular accommodation booking website and app. There are often great deals to be had here and it's ideal for shorter-term bookings.

Airbnb - Airbnb is good for long-term stays as you can book someone's home. I use Airbnb when booking for a month or longer, as monthly discounts can sometimes exceed 50% of the total booking, making it a real money saver. Airbnb is also a good option for people who want to book at home, as there is often a kitchen and cooking supplies.

If you haven't signed up for Airbnb you can sign up here and receive money off your first booking. 


cancun's hotel zone

Safety in Cancun

Generally, Cancun is considered safe for tourists.

Both the Hotel Zone and Downtown are safe zones, however, tourists are recommended to stay close to these popular areas as crime is more common the further afield you go.

As with any popular vacation destination, petty theft can be common, so always be mindful and take necessary precautions.


Uber vs Taxis in Cancun

There is an ongoing feud between Taxi and Uber drivers in Cancun.

Many Uber drivers will be very discreet when picking and dropping passengers off. Uber drivers will likely ask you to sit in the front seat to be more inconspicuous.

This does not mean Uber's aren't safe - I've never had an issue. But it is something to be mindful of.

Get our Cancun vegan food guide for the best vegan eats in town!

vegan tacos at natura cancun


Hotel Zone Accomodation

Cancun's Hotel Zone or "Zona Hotelera" is the iconic vision of a Cancun vacation.

This is the most popular area for tourists and is where you'll find a lot of luxury high-rise hotels, inclusive resorts, and international restaurants, and shopping malls.

It is also one of the best places in Mexico for nightlife and is a popular destination for Spring Breakers.

The narrow sandy strip is 14 miles long and stretches out into the Caribbean.

The area is very safe and secure for foreigners.

Luxury hotel recommendations:


Le Blanc Resort

le blanc cancun resort

If you're looking for a wellness escape in Cancun, Le Blanc's all-inclusive and adults-only resort could be the medicine you need.

The resort is located on a private stretch of beach and has its own full-service spa.

Perfect for: Wellness getaways and couples

See if your dates are available.

Hard Rock Hotel

hard rock hotel room cancun

The Hard Rock Hotel is one of Cancun's premier all-inclusive resorts.

Rooms at this oceanfront resort also come with a double hot-tub and private balcony.

Perfect for: couples and romantic getaways

See if your dates are available.

Grand Fiesta Americana

grand fiesta cancun rooms

The Grand Fiesta is another five-star all-inclusive resort in the heart of Cancun's hotel zone.

The resort has a gigantic full-service spa including full-body treatments, hydrotherapy, and beauty options such as hair styling

Perfect for: couples, wellness getaways and families.

See if your dates are available.

Mid-range & budget hotel recommendations:


Canopy by Hilton Cancun La Isla

mid-range hotel in cancun

Located close to Cancun's Interactive Aquarium, Canopy by Hilton is a great mid-range choice in a prime Hotel Zone location.

The hotel has a swimming pool, gym, bar, garden, and a shared lounge.

Perfect for: Families, single travelers and couples.

See if your dates are available.

Mayan Monkey Hotel & Hostel

mayan monkey hotel rooms cancun

Mayan Monkey is a great option for those looking to mingle and have a good time.

The waterfront hotel also has dorm beds, making it a good budget option too.

Guests will have access to a restaurant, bar, table tennis and karaoke areas.

Perfect for: Partygoers, singles, younger couples

See if your dates are available.

Cancun Suites Apartments

budget accomodation in cancun mexico

One of the Hotel Zones' top-selling accommodations, Cancun Suites is an affordable alternative in the center of the action.

This accommodation is close to the beach, shops, and popular tourist attractions.

A continental breakfast (including vegan options) is available.

Perfect for: Couples, singles and budget-conscious travelers.

See if your dates are available.

Downtown Cancun Accomodation

A short cab ride from Hotel Zone is Cancun's heartbeat, the downtown area.

Downtown Cancun is only 10-minutes from the glamorous Hotel Zone, but it has a completely different feel.

Walking the Downtown streets your senses will be bombarded with the sizzling smells from sidewalk tacos stands, traditional Mexican music seeping out from nearby restaurants, and unique street art.

Overall, Downtown Cancun will give you a deeper sense of Mexican culture, at a much better bang for your buck.

Luxury & high-end hotel recommendations:

Suites Malecon Cancun

malecon suites hotel room

Suites Malecon has sweeping views of Downtown Cancun and Nichupté Lagoon.

The large apartments come with all the necessities of a fully furnished home and are just a short walk from Boulevard Kukulkan and Americans Shopping Mall.

There is also an infinity swimming pool, hot tub, gym and BBQ facilities.

Perfect for: Families and groups.

See if your dates are available.

The Yellow Capsule Tour Experience

yellow capsule experience cancun

If you're looking for something a little different on your visit to Cancun, the Yellow Capsule an accommodation experience you won't soon forget.

The unique concept puts a whole new luxury spin on capsule accommodation.

Staying at Yellow Capsule includes a full-day tour.

Perfect for: Couples, friends, singles.

See if your dates are available.

Mid-range & budget hotel recommendations:


Nomads Hotel & Rooftop Pool

nomads hotel cancun rooms

Nomads is Cancun's social accommodation option.

The party hotel/hostel has a variety of accommodations from private rooms to dorm-style rooms - you're almost guaranteed to meet people here.

The hotel has a rooftop pool, a large bar, and a sunset hangout area

Perfect for: Singles, young couples, partyers, those looking to socialize

See if your dates are available.

Gamma Cancun Centro

gamma hotel cancun rooms

Gamma is a four-star hotel option in Downtown Cancun.

The hotel has a gym, bar, swimming pool, and the rooms are fitted with a desk area ideal for remote workers.

The accommodation is close to Cancun Bus Station, Cristo Rey Church and Parque las Palapas.

Perfect for: Couples and remote workers.

See if your dates are available.

MIO Cancun Hotel Boutique

mio cancun rooms

MIO Cancun is perfectly located in the Downtown area but close to the Hotel Zone.

This property has air-conditioned rooms, gardens and terraces. It is located close to Cristo Rey Church and Parque las Palapas.

Perfect for: Couples and singles.

See if your dates are available.

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