Isla Holbox Vegan Guide: Vegan Eats In An Island Paradise

Don't be fooled by its size, Holbox is a small island, but vegan food is aplenty. Our a recent trip to Holbox we were met with a surprising selection of vegan-friendly restaurants - and even a couple of fully vegan restaurants too.

While it's no Tulum, Holbox has a bite-size vegan consciousness to it. The streets have 'vegan options available', locals are accomodating to vegan requirements, and you won't need to look far to find a delicious vegan meal or snack.

Here are the best vegan eats in Holbox that'll make your island getaway, even better.

holbox vegan guide

1. Arte Sano

95% vegan restaurant, but also serves eggs.

vegan breakfast in holbox mexico

Arte Sano is a must-visit for both vegans and non-vegans in Holbox. The aesthetic restaurant is nestled in the center of town and has a real charm to it, especially at night. You can find both local Mexican vegan food or Western staples here too. Our favorite was their chilaquiles for breakfast and adding their vegan chorizo.

Arte Sano is the closest you'll find to a 100% vegan restaurant in Holbox, but with it being easy to avoid eggs, it feels like the whole menu is yours.

See menu here.

2. Habits Veggie Food

Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options.

vegan pancakes holbox mexico

We almost missed out on trying Habits as it was closed for most of our visit to Holbox. However, we were pleased to find its doors open the morning we left, so we caught a sneaky breakfast before jumping on the ferry back out. The restaurant is small and wedged in the corner of the most commercial set of buildings on the island. Habits is a good place to have a brekky or lunch, and is definitely worth a stop by.

If you do stop by, make sure to throw the ball for the little Weiner dog that lives there. He's a little standoffish but will appreciate a little game of fetch.

3. Painapol

Vegetarian restaurant with vegan options.

vegan restaurants in holbox

Painapol is probably the most well-known vegan-friendly restaurant in Holbox. The place is always busy, and you might have to wait for a spot to sit. The staff are super conscious of the vegan options and will walk you through their slightly confusing menu. Overall, the food is tasty and worth a visit, but if you're like us and tend to steer clear of restaurants with an 'uppity vibe' and expensive prices, you might only go once.

Shoutout to Painapol's fresh bread. It was definitely the tastiest bread we found in Holbox.

4. Pizzeria La Pinsa

Pizzeria that offers vegan cheese.

holbox vegan pizza

We stumbled on La Pinsa by accident one lunch when stopping by for a juice. On a quick glance at the menu, we stopped 'vegan cheese available'. We came back a couple of nights later to try it out - and we were pretty glad we did. Their woodfire pizza has a delicious crust and will satisfy your pizza cravings while in Holbox. We're not entirely sure if vegan pizzas are common on Holbox, but La Pinsa definitely delivered.

5. Bah Bah

Non-vegan restaurant, but with a small selection of vegan options.

vegan burrito holbox

Bah Bah is a restaurant/bar in the center of Holbox. Their menu is mostly non-vegan, but they do offer a couple of options worth trying if you've exhausted other veggie restaurants on the island. Their vegan burrito was tasty but their potatoes were the star. Bah Bah is also a good place to grab a cocktail or fresh juice too.

6. Holbox Beachside Snacks

Holbox beach vendors have vegan options.

beach vendor holbox

If you're on the beach and feel like a snack, you might be in luck.

Quite possibly our favorite food on the island came from 'the empanada' guy on the beach. We waved this guy over near Playa Punta Cocos and he revealed he had a huge selection of vegan empanadas. We tried the broccoli and spinach ones and they were simply incredible. Unfortunately, we didn't see this guy again - else we would have bought him out of empanadas!

Unlike the elusive Empanada guy, there is an abundance of tropical fruit carts roaming the beach, so you're never far from a coconut, mango, or any of the island's delicious fresh fruit.

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