Ultimate Mexico City Vegan Guide: 16 Best Vegan Eats in CDMX

best vegan food in mexico city

Mexico City is a vegan foodie's dream. In fact, CDMX is filled with vegan street taco stands, all-vegan delis, and high-range plant-based restaurants. Mexico City is the best place in Mexico to be vegan... we're sure of it!

We've spent years scoping out the best vegan food Mexico has to offer, mostly in the Yucatan, writing vegan guides for:

But when we were hit by the scent of grilled vegan street tacos spewing out onto the Roma sidewalks, we knew we'd hit the jackpot. Eating those tacos on the streets of CDMX, we knew we were somewhere special.

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16 Best Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City

1. Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria (Street Stand & Restaurant)

vegan tacos mexico city

Location: Roma | View on Google Maps

Best for: Street tacos

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Por Siempre might just have the world's best vegan tacos. I stumbled on the street stand in Roma on my first day in Mexico City and I was blown away. At the time I didn't know the local taqueria had a cult-like following and was an iconic CDMX eatery. All I knew while eating four loaded tacos, perched against a wall on a Roma sidestreet, was these gritty tacos were something special.

These tacos are not only delicious, but super affordable too. You can get 5 pastor tacos for 45 pesos. Vegan or not, Por Siempre cannot be missed on any visit to Mexico City.

2. Gold Taco

vegan flautas mexico city gold taco

Location: Roma | View on Google Maps

Best for: Flautas

Hidden away in the lively Mercando Roma lies some of the tastiest vegan Mexican food in Mexico City. In my opinion, the tacos aren't quite as good as nearby Por Siempre, but they do offer vegan cheese, which melts among the taco filling perfectly. We highly recommend their flautas, which are crispy tortillas rolled in a warming tomato soup. Gold Taco is definitely high-quality vegan food that shouldn't be missed while in CDMX.

3. Fat Vegan

vegan burgers in cdmx

Location: Roma | View on Google Maps

Best for: Burgers and shakes

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If you like vegan junk food, Fat Vegan is your place in Mexico City. Located in Roma Norte, this restaurant serves up burgers, crispy tofu, shakes and more. They also make great breakfasts with melt-in-your-mouth hashbrowns. No visit to CDMX is complete without over-eating at Fat Vegan at least once.

4. La Pitahaya Vegana

pink vegan tacos cdmx

Location: Roma | View on Google Maps

Best for: Insta-worthy tacos

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If you've googled vegan food in CDMX, then no doubt the first image you've seen is the famous pink tortillas of La Pitahaya. The restaurant uses dragon fruit in their tortillas, which gives the tacos their iconic pink look. But it's not just visual - the taste incredible too. Do not miss La Pitahaya - even if it is to snap a pic!

5. Veggino's Pizza

best vegan pizza cdmx

Location: San Miguel | View on Google Maps

Best for: Cheesy... and we mean CHEESY vegan pizza!

This hole in the wall was our biggest surprise in Mexico City. The all-vegan pizza pizzeria humbly creates the best vegan pizza in CDMX, perhaps Mexico, and maybe the world. You will not be disappointed with their four-cheese pizza (one pizza is enough for two people).

The downside is their location, which is a bit away from the Roma-Condesa hubs, but they do deliver on food delivery services like Rappi and UberEats. Your Friday night just got better!

6. Forever Vegan

vegan french toast mexico city

Location: Roma Norte | View on Google Maps

Best for: Crispy cauliflower tacos

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Forever Vegan is a great brunch/lunch spot in Roma Norte. We love sitting outside this restaurant on weekend mornings to kickstart whatever we have planned. Their menu is divided between breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast options include waffles, pancakes, and french toast, while lunch has a nice variety of Mexican dishes like tacos. This is a must-visit vegan restaurant in CDMX.

7. Gatorta

vegan street tortas mexico city

Location: Roma Norte | View on Google Maps

Best for: Cheap 'junk-food' tortas

If you're out and about in Roma Norte and looking for a cheap and delicious torta, Gatorta is a small street stand that throws together "meaty" tortas you'd never believe were vegan. In fact, I'm pretty sure many people who eat here might not even realize it.

Note, this is not a stall for those not a fan of mock meats.

8. Los Loosers

vegan fish tacos cdmx

Location: Condesa | View on Google Maps

Best for: No-Fish tacos

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Los Loosers is one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Mexico City. Using mushrooms as their key base, you can get the best "no" fish tacos we've ever had here - not to mention their ramen which is incredible and full of flavor.

The entire restaurant has an Asian-Mexican feel and their dishes nail it. While not the cheap eats you'll find at taco stands, Los Loosers is a must-visit while in Mexico City.

9. UTOPIA (U.to.pi.a)

vegan pizza condesa

Location: Condesa | View on Google Maps

Best for: Stringy vegan cheese pizza

Probably the most famous vegan pizza joint in Mexico City is Utopia in the heart of Condesa. This 100% vegan pizza place does thin crust pizza that's simply incredible. Our favorite was their Hawaiian which comes with mock ham, pineapple, and melty cheese. With a large menu, there's really a pizza for everyone here (vegan or not!)

10. Pan Comido

vegan omelette toasie cdmx

Location: Roma Norte | View on Google Maps

Best for: Veggie brunch food

This little brunch spot is great for morning coffee to start your weekend in Mexico City. The small cafe serves up vegetarian and vegan brunch-style options and is reasonably priced. In my experience, it was rare the menu was fully available, but nonetheless, I always found something to enjoy.

11. Plantasia

vegan asian food cdmx

Location: Roma Norte | View on Google Maps

Best for: Vegan Asian food variety

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In the heart of Roma Norte, this 100% plant-based restaurant explores Asian cuisine using plants. You can enjoy Thai, Indian, Korean, and more - all completely vegan and undeniably tasty. We recommend visiting this restaurant in-person as the aesthetic is part of the experience. My personal favorite was the "Paneer" (Tofu) Butter Masala.

12. Veguisima

vegan quesadilla cdmx

Location: Condesa | View on Google Maps

Best for: Afternoon lunch

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A nice little vegan restaurant in Condesa that serves up a range of plant-based options, coffee, and beer. Their outdoor seating is great for people watching or having a nice relaxing afternoon.

13. Cafe Vegetal

vegetal cafe mexico city

Location: Roma | View on Google Maps

Best for: Casual lunch stop

A tiny vegan cafe located right next to Por Siempre's food truck. While small, there is a bunch of options including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a lot of tasty desserts too.

14. Goy's Plant-Based Burgers

goys mexico city

Location: Hipodromo | View on Google Maps

Best for: Crispy chickn burgs

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Goy's may just have the best burgers in town.

While the tucked-away restaurant doesn't have a large menu, what they do have they do very well. Our favorite was the "La Poyo" which is their version of a crispy chicken burger and it is... to put it simply, out of this world good.

Goy's also have a few different versions of fries to accompany your meal too including tots, curly, loaded and sweet potato fries.

15. Salaxe Pizza

salaxe vegan pizza

Location: Roma & Nativitas | View on Google Maps

Best for: Vegan pizza that makes like traditional pizza

Salaxe is one of those hidden vegan joints in Mexico City that most people don't know about. You'll struggle to find their Roma location on a map and the building is a grungy hole-in-the-wall that you've likely walked past a bunch of times - I know we did.

However, once you find this place, you'll be glad you did. Their pizza is insane... like insanely good. In fact, bring your non-vegan friends and they probably won't know any different.

Their Roma location is close to Mercado Roma, on the adjoining Medellin road. Just head north on Medellin on the left side of the road and you'll find it next to a couple of local bars.

16. Paxil Plant-Based Seafood Stand

paxil plant based seafood mexico city


Location: Roma Norte | View on Google Maps

Best for: Vegan seafood with Mexican flair

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Paxil is one of those special eateries you'll only find in Mexico City.

It's a small roadside taco stand but instead of traditional Mexican tacos, they serve up plant-based seafood tacos and vegan fish and chips. Their food is cooked with love and care, and we highly recommend you check this place out. Everything we've ordered here has tasted incredible, especially their deep-fried cauliflower tacos.

The popular stall has limited seating and if you arrive around dinner time be prepared to eat curbside or wait for a seat.

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