The Best Vegan Eats in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen has grown into an unmissable destination for vegans traveling Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

The bustling beach town is flooded with tourists all year round so it's no wonder the vegan scene here has started to bloom.

iconic playa del carmen statues

Vegans can find everything from plant-based burgers, vegan pizzas, Mexican food, and more in Playa del Carmen.

I visited Playa del Carmen in 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic and hurricane season.

While most vegan restaurants were open, some were temporarily closed down.

However, I have included those restaurants at the end of the article, even though I did not personally visit them.

playa del carmen vegan

Best areas stay in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a simple town to navigate.

The most popular tourist street is 5th Avenue, which is where a lot of vegan restaurants and cafes are located on or close to.

The closer you are to 5th Avenue, the more expensive the accommodation, and the further away the cheaper it gets.

playa del carmen sign

I found the perfect balance is to stay between 10th and 30th Avenues. This location allows you to get more affordable accommodation, but still within walking distance to restaurants and attractions.

I used both Bookings and Airbnb during my time in Playa del Carmen.

I generally use Bookings for shorter stays and Airbnb for 1 month plus stays. If you're new to Airbnb you can get $35 off your first stay by signing up with this link.

You can view available accommodations through Bookings here.

Cost of vegan food in Playa del Carmen

Unfortunately, I found eating vegan in Playa del Carmen was more expensive than I'd planned.

Eating out at vegan restaurants costs anywhere between $100-$200 pesos (approximately $5-$10USD). There are some exceptions, but generally, it isn't cheap.

To cut costs, I shopped at nearby groceries stores and ate at my Airbnb. However, grocery stores in Mexico aren't ideal for vegans, either. But you can get the basics.

The Best Vegan Food in Playa del Carmen

The Pitted Date

Location: Local 6, CTM between 1st & Avenida Cozumel, Playa del Carmen

the pitted date playa del carmen

The Pitted Date is a 100% vegan restaurant where you can get comfort vegan meals with ingredients generally difficult to find in Mexico.

The staff speak great English and are friendly. They are also on Uber Eats, so you can order their delicious food directly to your room.

I ate here numerous times while in Playa del Carmen and my favorites were the breakfast burrito (pictured) and the Italian Stallion.

Comet 984 - 50's Diner

Location: Calle 8, Entre Av 20 y 25, plaza Mahaual, Colonia centro 77710 Playa del Carmen.

vegan burgers playa del carmen

Comet 984 is a quirky restaurant a few blocks away from the famous 5th avenue.

The small 100% plant-based restaurant is themed as 1950s American diner. You can get iconic American diner food here like burgers, hotdogs, and even milkshakes.

The food really hits the spot if you have junk food cravings.


Fresco Habito

Location: Avenda 1, Manzana 63 Lote 3, Solidaridad 77710 Playa del Carmen

vegan meals in playa del carmen

Fresh and healthy is what you get at Fresco.

Their bowls are tasty, filling, and full of flavor.

You can't go wrong at Fresco. I ordered their tofu bowl and it was perfect.

The restaurant is not far from 5th Avenue and is easily walkable.


Location: Patos, Las Palmas 1, 77723 Playa del Carmen

tasty vegan burrito in playa del carmen

Fritxs is where you'll find the best burritos in Playa del Carmen. No, not the best vegan burritos - the best burritos in general. They are really that good.

The fully vegan Mexican joint is located outside of town, which makes it a little less known by tourists - but you can't miss it.

Their meaty soy burritos will even win your carnivore friends and family over.

Due to COVID, Fritxs are only operating by delivery and pickup orders.

Bio Organics

Location: Calle 26 nte. 128 Local 2 y 3 between 5th and 10th Avenue. 77720 Playa del Carmen

bio organic playa del carmen

There are two Bio Organics in Playa del Carmen.

The main cafe is located on Calle 26 and this is where you’ll find a wide range of vegan options including burgers, lentil stews, smoothie bowls and, of course, Mexican food.

It’s a nice cafe with a good vibe. I also worked from here as they have “okay” wifi, which can be hard to find in Playa del Carmen.

The second Bio Organics is located at the northern end of 5th avenue and is only a juice bar and organic shop. It’s still worth a visit if you’re nearby.

Aryan Indian Restaurant

Location: Av CTM, Av. 20 &, 77710 Playa del Carmen.

Indian food in playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen is limited when it comes to Indian food. However, Aryan, a small homey restaurant is a saving grace.

While the Indian food isn't quite 'perfect', it sure does hit the spot when you have Indian food cravings.

The family owners are wonderful and extremely welcoming.

A must visit if you want a little slice of India on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Choux Choux Cafe

Location: Av. 20, C. 24 Nte con, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen.

vegan breakfast playa del carmen

Choux is one of the best cafes for remote workers, as they have reliable wifi, good coffee. They just so happen to have some delicious vegan breakfast options too.

The Fresh-style cafe has vegan waffles, smoothie bowls, and pancakes.

It has a great cafe vibe and friendly staff.

A must-visit while in Playa.

Sushi Itto

Location: Av.10 Sur Local 40 A Plaza Paseo del Carmen Esq, 1a. Norte, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen.

vegan sushi playa del carmen

The great thing about Playa del Carmen is there is a variety of vegan options for those times you're tuckered out of tacos.

Sushi-Itto is located close to the Playa Car resort area. Make sure to look at their online menu (there are QR codes on the tables) for their selection of vegan sushi.

Captain Sandwich

Location: 5th Avenida Entre 48 & CTM 77728 Playa del Carmen

avocado tosada playa del carmen

Captain Sandwich is a bustling brunch hangout frequented by locals and tourists.

It's not a vegan cafe, but it does have a couple of good vegan options, which makes it worthwhile if you're at the northern end of 5th avenue.

The avo tostadas were incredibly filling and I highly recommend.


100% Natural

Location: 5th Av. Mza. 28 No. 209-1 x 10 y 12, Centro, 77720 Playa del Carmen

vegan tacos playa del carmen

I was a little hesitant to visit another 100% Natural restaurant after an underwhelming experience in Cancun. However, I couldn't have had a more opposite experience in Playa del Carmen.

The vegan options at Playa del Carmen's 100% Natural far outweigh Cancun and their crispy zucchini tacos are the best tacos in Playa del Carmen. I loved them so much, I went back the next night and ordered the exact same thing.

You can't miss this restaurant as it's located on the iconic 5th Avenue stretch.


Location: Avenida Constituyentes 20 y 15 local 1 manzana 079, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen

vegan pizza in playa del carmen

This small vegan joint in Playa del Carmen is often overlooked.

There's nothing too flashy or fancy about Na-Na, but their food is delicious.

They are known for their vegan pizza - so it you have that pizza craving, give Na-Na a try!

Falafel Nessya

Location: Calle 9, Norte S/N, Col. Centro, 77710, Playa del Carmen

falafel in playa del carmen

Falafel Nessya is a falafel lover's dream. You can get pita falafel, falafel plates, falafel burgers - you name it.

The not too pricey restaurant is a great choice for vegans on a budget in Playa del Carmen too.

La Senda

Location: 10th Av, Norte S/N, Col. Centro, 77710, Playa del Carmen

la senda playa del carmen

I was disappointed to miss out on La Senda due to its temporary closure.

The fully vegan restaurant has been one of Playa del Carmen's leading plant-based restaurants serving up a wide range of eats including insanely stacked nachos.

I'll be back to visit La Senda when it reopens.


Location: Av. 30, Norte. 222, Col. Gonzalo Guerrero, 40011, Playa del Carmen

vegan eats in playa del carmen

Clorofila is another vegan restaurant I unfortunately missed out on due to its temporary closure.

However, the vibe of this place speaks for itself. You can get fresh juices, melty vegan pizza and, of course, plant-based Mexican comfort food.

Vegan Playa Festival

Playa del Carmen is also the host of the Vegan Playa Festival, which takes place at Casa Mama Yemi, a wellness center south of Playa Car.

The event features:

  • Live music
  • Workshops
  • Vegan cooking classes
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Group meditation
  • Live talks

For dates of upcoming festivals, visit their Facebook page.

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