The Ultimate Vegan Travel Bucket List

Travel opens the mind, feeds the body, and ignites the soul.

In fact, there's nothing that quite hits the same as travel. As vegans, travel means taking a slightly different route to the norm. This makes travel more exciting, the highs higher, the lows sometimes lower - but the experiences, unmatched.

This vegan travel bucket list was designed to expand your horizons while staying true to the values vegans hold closely.

So whether you're an intrepid explorer, a cultural enthusiast, or a foodie on a mission, this list has something for everyone. Get ready to uncover hidden gems where plant-based culinary delights flourish, where sustainable practices are the norm, and where you can forge unforgettable connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for a compassionate lifestyle.

Vegan Travel Bucket List

1. Eat Your Way Through Mexico City

Country: Mexico

pink vegan tacos cdmx

Mexico City has some of the best vegan food on the Planet. From vegan street tacos to plant-based pizzerias, CDMX leads the pack when it comes to a growing vegan destination. This is highlighted by a number of vegan food tours offering their services in the city too.


2. Celebrate the Thai Vegetarian festival in Phuket

Country: Thailand

vegan festival in thailand

The annual Thai Vegetarian Festival (Tesagan Gin Jay) is a 10-day festival celebrated during the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The most prominent celebration occurs in Phuket's Kratu region and features parades, dancing, music and of course vegan food. While the Taoist festival is named "vegetarian" the food here is all vegan, or Jay, as they say in Thai.


3. Frolic with 1000 stray dogs at 'Land of the Strays'

Country: Costa Rica

1000s stray dogs in costa rica

A couple hours outside of San Jose, Costa Rica is Territorio de Zaguates which is home to 1000s of stray dogs. The sanctuary is open to the public and allows visitors to interact and play with the dogs. The aim is for prospective adopters to bond with the dogs and choose a new family member to bring home with them. And with a choice of more than 1000 pups - there's no shortage of good boys and girls to choose from!


4. Volunteer At A Local Sanctuary

Country: Anywhere

stray dogs in asia

Travel is so much more rewarding when you give back. And wherever you visit, there's likely an animal sanctuary in need nearby. These can be anything from Elephant Sanctuaries to Stray Dog Shelters. The work needed can be really fun too - for example walking and playing the animals or light duties around the shelter.


5. Try The World's Smelliest Fruit: 'Durian'

Region: Southeast Asia

durian smelly fruit


Durian might just be the most controversial fruit in the world. The notoriously stinky fruit divides opinions and even is banned in certain places and buildings in Asia due to its stench. You can find the spikey fruit on the streets or in supermarkets, but eating them takes some work. If you order on the street, you'll be given a glove so you can avoid getting the sticky texture stuck to your hands as you dig in. While the fruit does have a pungent smell, its taste isn't so bad.


6. Learn To Cook From Locals

Country: Anywhere

learn to cook

One of the beauties of traveling is learning about the food culture. As vegans, there is another layer to food culture, which can either be a more modern approach to cooking or back-to-basic cooking, where you can explore a country's food before the Western influence. Some of the top choices for vegan cooking classes are in places like India, Thailand, and Mexico.


7. Eat Vegan At 35,000 feet

Country: Anywhere

vegan airplane meals

Eating a hot vegan meal onboard an airplane is not something that would have happened 10 years ago. Many airlines now offer specialized vegan meal options that cater to the growing demand for vegan options. Choosing the right airline is still crucial and notifying the airline is also recommended so to be sure you don't miss out. So while this may not be the most exciting bucket list item for adventure and thrill, it's a huge step in the right direction for vegan travelers and is a very satisfying feeling.


8. Explore Koh Phangan's Vegan Scene

Country: Thailand

chana masala koh phangan thali set

Thailand is vegan-friendly, but the island of Koh Phangan takes things to another level. Best known for its full moon parties in the south, Koh Phangan has a completely different vibe in the north. The island has a community of long-term travelers and yogis who have brought a spiritual allure to the island. This means it's become one of the best places in the world for vegan food.


9. Enjoy the World's Finest Coffee

Country: Colombia

colombian coffee

There is little argument that Colombia has the world's best coffee, making it a dream destination for coffee enthusiasts. Sipping on a freshly brewed cup of Colombian coffee amidst the picturesque landscapes of coffee plantations is an experience that transcends taste. From the earthy aroma to the smooth, flavorful notes, every sip tells a story. Colombia offers a unique chance to appreciate the labor, passion, and expertise that goes into every bean, making it a must-visit destination for coffee lovers seeking an unforgettable journey into the heart of the coffee world.


10. Roast Vegan Marshmallows on an Active Volcano

Country: Guatemala

pacaya volcano toasted marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows is a classic camping tradition, but imagine taking it to a whole new level by roasting [vegan] marshmallows on the edge of an active volcano. While technically possible on any active volcano, roasting marshmallows on Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano is somewhat of a tradition for travelers. In fact, your guide will likely whip out a bag of marshmallows when you hit the top. However, as a vegan you'll need to come prepared and bring your own gelatin-free marshmallows.

*Bringing your own vegan Marshmallows to Pacaya can take some planning due to low availability in Guatemala. You'll likely need to bring these from another country like the US or Mexico. 


11. Attend a Vegan Food Festival

Country: Anywhere

plantopia vegan food festival

Vegan food festivals are relatively new and are expanding fast. These events typically showcase the best local vegan foods along with new and innovative creations hitting the market. Beyond the food, these festivals often feature educational talks, workshops, and live music, creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of plant-based living. It's a chance to expand your culinary horizons, discover new favorite dishes, and connect with a community that shares your values. Attending a vegan food festival promises unforgettable experiences and a renewed appreciation for the limitless possibilities of vegan food.


12. Eat Kottu To Deafening Clatter

Country: Sri Lanka

vegan kottu in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best countries in the world for vegans. One of the tastiest local dishes, Veggie Kottu is as every bit loud as it is delicious. This is because the dish is chopped roti, which requires the cook to slice the roti with two metal cleaver-like knives against the metal grill. This clatter is an iconic sound when in Sri Lanka and while eating Kottu in a local restaurant the sound can be incredibly loud. For some reason, the louder the restaurant, the better the Kottu seems to taste.


13. Indulge in Century-Old Vegan Food in Ethiopia

Country: Ethiopia

ethiopian vegan condiments

With a long-standing tradition of fasting, Ethiopian cuisine has perfected the art of creating delicious vegan meals. From injera (a fermented flatbread) to flavorful stews and lentil-based dishes, each bite is a harmonious blend of spices and textures. Exploring the local markets and dining at traditional Ethiopian restaurants allows you to savor authentic flavors that have been passed down through generations. Not only will you be tantalizing your taste buds, but you'll also gain a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of veganism in Ethiopia.


14. Get A Vegan Travel Tattoo

Country: Anywhere

vegan travel tattoo

As cliche as it may be, getting a travel tattoo is a perfect way to remember your travels and pay tribute to your favorite travel destination. While not all ink is vegan, many tattoo parlors around the world offer vegan ink. So whether you opt for a standard tattoo or want to experience a bamboo tattoo, this could be a great bucket list item to check off your list.


15. Eat The World's Best Vegan Tacos at Por Siempre

Country: Mexico

vegan street tacos mexico city

Every taco is special... but they are not equal. On the streets of Roma, a suburb of Mexico City is a small street taco truck that serves up the most delicious vegan tacos on the planet. It is called Por Siempre Vegana and no vegan bucket list can be truly complete without indulging in these tacos.


16. Eat Your Way Through Sydney's Iconic King Street

Country: Australia

vegan food king street sydney

Located on the fringes of inner Sydney is the alternative suburb of Newtown where vegan food is some of the best in Australia. Most of the food is located on the iconic King Street where you'll find everything to satisfy your tastebuds.


17. Witness Sea Turtles Hatch and Make Their Journey To The Ocean

Countries: Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Greece (and more)

turtles hatching

Witnessing the miraculous sight of sea turtles hatching is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that connects you to the beauty of nature. There are many places to see this, most notably Tangalle in Sri Lanka and Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. This awe-inspiring event symbolizes resilience and the cycle of life. Watching these adorable creatures scuttle across the sand and embark on their incredible journey is both humbling and heartwarming. It's an opportunity to appreciate the importance of conservation and to witness firsthand the efforts made to protect these endangered species.

*It is vital this is done responsibly and report any "businesses" which are favoring profits over the safety of these baby turtles. 


18. Relax with Vegan Picnic Next To The Effiel Tower

Country: France

effiel tower picnic

The huge grass area surrounding Paris' iconic Effiel Tower is ideal for a picnic. So, while you're there take the opportunity to celebrate the art of French cuisine and enjoy a cruelty-free feast in one of the world's most iconic locations. A vegan picnic next to the Eiffel Tower is a truly magical way to embrace the city's charm and embrace the cliche of every tourist in France.


19. Sip on Celon Tea next to Sri Lankan Tea Fields

Country: Sri Lanka

ceylon tea picking

Sri Lanka is one of the world's leading tea producers so it's no surprise the tea in Sri Lanka is out of this world. Picture yourself nestled amidst rolling hills adorned with vibrant green tea bushes, breathing in the fragrant aroma of tea leaves, and indulging in the flavorful and aromatic Ceylon tea. Whether you prefer black, green, or herbal varieties, Sri Lanka's tea estates provide a serene setting to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind this beloved beverage. It's an experience that combines scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and a moment of pure relaxation, making it a truly unforgettable addition to your vegan travel bucket list.


20. Feast on Dahl Baht and Momos in the Himalayas

Country: Nepal

dahl baht nepal dish

Two national dishes of Nepal are Dalh Baht and (Veggie) Momos - both of which are vegan. You won't struggle to find these meals anywhere in Nepal, even while hiking in the Himalayas you'll be able to enjoy a deliciously warm dahl and it's an experience you'll never forget.


21. Experience an Eco-Friendly Stay

Country: Anywhere

eco friendly stays

You've heard of Airbnb, but did you know there is an Ecobnb? As consciousness grows about the sustainability impacts of hotels, eco-friendly stays have become more widely available for tourists. What's more, these stays are typically very cool and a must-try for any traveler looking for a better way to stay.


22. Attend Colorado's famous Hanuman Festival

Country: United States

hanuman yoga festival

Hanuman Festival is a mixture of yoga, meditation, music, environmentalism and, of course, a celebration of veganism. While it is not a strictly vegan festival, the event is extremely vegan-friendly and introduces people to tasty veggie eats among like-minded folks and good vibes.

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